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Sidewalk Poetry Contest

Post Date:11/16/2017

City of Monrovia

1st Annual Sidewalk Poetry Contest


Monrovia Residents, now is your chance

To give our sidewalks more than a passing glance

For those of you with mad writing skills,

It’s the sidewalk poetry contest, so bust out your quills

Immortalize your words in a slab of concrete

To give pedestrians a case of happy feet!

As part of the Monrovia Renewal Project, the City will stamp Monrovia resident’s original poems into newly poured sections of sidewalk.  The contest is open to all residents of Monrovia. 

The poems could appear anywhere around the city – a wonderful surprise to anyone out for a walk.


The contest ends December 31, 2017.


 Contact Diane Delmatoff at (626)932-5531 or for more information.