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MAP Block Party & Neighborhood Treasure Celebration

Join us for our block party!

Let's go back to the neighborhoods! Since 2006, MAP has brought you great block parties as a way to get people out of their homes and into a common area and enjoy each other’s company. Join us as we keep the party going with family friendly games, free food and a Neighborhood Treasure Unveiling for Ms. Katie Wright!

Learn more by visiting our MAP Block Parties page.

Kate and her son, Marshall, lived with a minister and his family, and together they moved to Monrovia in 1900. Two years later, the minister and his family moved out of state, but Kate remained in Monrovia and lived on East Cypress Avenue. Kate was divinely inspired to devote her life to care for the sick and the poor. Through donations of supplies and labor, she built small cottages on her property, where she tended to patients suffering from tuberculosis who did not have any family or resources. Kate received no financial compensation for any of her services. She served selflessly for over 30 years and died in 1938. She is buried in Live Oak Memorial Park.

Neighborhood Treasures celebrates historically significant Monrovians through the installation of public art pieces in various neighborhoods throughout the community. The goal of the program is to enrich the lives of those who view the art and improve neighborhoods by its presence.

Neighborhood Treasures was developed by Monrovia Area Partnership staff and leaders, vetted by the Art in Public Places Committee, and approved by the City Council in 2018. Neighborhood Treasures' public art includes specialized art work that visually represents the life and contributions of the honorees.  

Learn more by visiting our MAP Neighborhood Treasures page.

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