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Special City Council Guest Reminds You to Protect Yourself Against Mosquitoes

Post Date:10/03/2018 9:00 AM

Although fall is here, we have yet to escape the warm weather…and with warm weather comes mosquito bites! Mosquito bites can be extremely dangerous. They have been known to kill and sicken more people than any other creature on this planet. In fact, hundreds of people get sick in California every year from mosquito bites.

At the October 2 City Council Meeting, representatives from the San Gabriel Valley Vector Control gave a presentation on the importance of protecting yourself against mosquito bites and being proactive in emptying (Tip ‘N’ Toss) or treating water sources that can breed mosquitoes. Best of all, Mayor Pro Tem dressed up as the dangerous Aedes mosquito!

Mayor Pro Tem Shevlin with Mosquito Costume Mayor Pro Tem Shevlin with Mosquito Costume
Aedes mosquitos thrive throughout Los Angeles County, including Monrovia. They have been known to bite aggressively during the day, thrive inside homes and offices and lay eggs individually on containers and plants. 

To decrease the mosquito population, be sure to:

  • Get rid of stagnant water
  • Use insect repellent
  • Request mosquito fish for ponds and ornamental fountains
  • Report any neighborhood issues to the San Gabriel Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District

View the Vector Control’s full PowerPoint presentation here. Let’s fight the bite together!