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City Manager's Update: June 25, 2019

Post Date:06/25/2019 12:00 PM

Hello everyone!

In an effort to provide an update of important news and notes from this last week, the following report has been prepared.  As always, please feel free to let me know if you have a question about any of the items contained in this update – I can be reached via email at!

And of course… all the best to you and yours as we continue through this week!

Best regards,

Quote of the Week 

I will search through 1,000 worlds and 10,000 lifetimes until I find you again.

- Keanu Reeves

Homeless Count Update… We’re Not Sure How La County Gets Their Numbers, But On This Point We Do Agree – Monrovia’s Homeless Population Has Decreased!

As everyone may be aware, last week, the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (or LAHSA, which is a JPA between LA County and the City of Los Angeles tasked with coordinating homeless response services) released their updated homeless count numbers for 2019.  Per that report, LAHSA identified that Monrovia had a total homeless population of 62 individuals, as outlined in the chart below.


Of note, the data provided by LAHSA seems to deviate from the actual results that the City notated from the 2019 Point-In-Time Homeless Count, which was conducted in Monrovia on January 22, 2019.  As folks may recall, on that evening, a group of 25 Monrovia volunteers spent the night conducting a homeless count to identify the number of unsheltered individuals in our community.  Based on actual results from that evening, City staff tallied all of the information returned by volunteers before turning the homeless count sheets over to LAHSA.  Based on the actual numbers from the night of the 2019 Point-In-Time Homeless Count, we identified 52 instances of homelessness (which was down from 71 in 2018).

However, after collecting the actual count data from that evening, it appears that LAHSA went back and utilized some type of revised methodology and / or multiplier to produce their final estimate of unsheltered persons in Monrovia.  Based on that revised methodology, the number of identified homeless individuals in Monrovia increased from the 52 that were actually counted on the evening of the 2019 Point-In-Time Count, to the 62 unsheltered persons that were reported by LAHSA this past Friday.  The chart below illustrates the discrepancies between numbers produced from the evening of the count, and the revised official numbers published by LAHSA.

LAHSA Numbers

Regardless of that discrepancy, all of us here in Monrovia are encouraged to see a decrease in the number of individuals identified as being homeless in Monrovia.  The data seems to indicate that the City’s approach to addressing the homeless situation has made a difference – across all of LA County, LAHSA reported a 12% increase in the homeless population.  In addition, of particular concern, across the San Gabriel Valley, LAHSA reported a staggering 24% increase in the overall homeless population.

Moving ahead, the City is committed to continuing to pursue the various elements associated with our current plan to prevent and combat homelessness in Monrovia, which includes the following major program components:

  • Be relentless and continually contact anyone suffering from homelessness to offer housing / support services
  • Expand community coordination in support of ending homelessness
  • Promote the use of the Coordinated Entry System (CES)
  • Develop educational materials in partnership with LA County
  • Develop a Monrovia-centric directed giving campaign in partnership with the Foothill Unity Center
  • Develop a local Monrovia Housing Displacement Response Plan

More tangibly, our relentless approach has resulted in helping more than a dozen homeless individuals find permanent housing options during the past year.  Additionally, our comprehensive homeless response tool kit has provided interested residents with practical resources to better help and support those who are experiencing homelessness.

Of particular note, the City’s thoughtfully designed Housing Displacement Response Plan, developed in concert with Mountainside Communion Church, has been deployed this past year to great success, with the following key deliverable outcomes:

  • We have assisted fifteen (15) families from becoming displaced from their homes in Monrovia.
  • As a result of helping those 15 families from becoming homeless, we were able to prevent more than twenty (20) youth from having to leave Monrovia schools, and we also helped prevent three (3) senior from losing their homes.

Moving ahead, there is still more to be done, and the City has prudently invested additional funds this next fiscal year to continue our efforts.

Friday Night Teen Scene Event Set To Launch This Friday, June 28!

We are excited to share that our annual Summer Teen Scene program is set to kick off on this Friday, June 28, from 5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. in Library Park.  And what’s more… the program has been reimagined and improved!

Now the basics of the program will stay the same… the City of Monrovia, in partnership with several youth service organizations, hosts FREE activities at Library Park every Friday evening for teens in our community.  And the purpose of the program continues to be focused on giving teens a space to gather with friends, engage in games and art activities, as well as enjoy live music… all while grabbing a bite to eat!

However, during the past few months, our Community Service Team has been hard at work to coordinate improvements related to this program, and under the direction of Nathalie Wilcox, Recreation Coordinator, along with our YES Intern, Vanessa Mills, we have secured new partnerships, developed brand new programming, and have started the marketing and promotions for our annual Friday night summer teen program.

As part of the reimagined initiative, each week, leaders from various groups (such as the Monrovia Fire Department Explorers, the Monrovia Police Department Explores, the Monrovia Area Partnership Youth Leadership Program, the Monrovia Youth Commission, and the Monrovia Teen Advisory Board) will be hosting a FREE meal, while sharing with the teens different ways they can get involved in the community.  There will also be a variety of activities and events to engage the teens, and we have developed some innovative programmatic ideas, including a Cell Phone Photo Scavenger Hunt, and an initiative for teens to discover various public art installations located throughout Old Town Monrovia.

Also of note, the Monrovia Association of Fine Art (MAFA) will be on hand to help with various art projects throughout the summer for program participants, and we’ll have live youth band and performance groups on stage (in addition to regular DJ music)!

The program will begin on June 28 and runs every Friday through August 14, with activities set to be offered from 5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. each week.  For more information, please call, 626-256-8264 and ask about the Friday Night Summer Teen Scene!

Friday Night Teen Scene

Make Plans To Join Us For The City’s Premier 4th Of July Concert & Fireworks Show At Library Park!!!

Just a quick note to remind everyone that the City’s renowned 4th of July Concert and Fireworks Show is scheduled to take place on Thursday, July 4, in Library Park (321 South Myrtle Avenue).   Live Entertainment for the evening will begin at 7:00 p.m. with a performance by Night Owl.  Following the concert, a free 20-minute Fireworks Show will begin at 9:00 p.m. 

Spectators may reserve a park space beginning at 6:00 a.m.  The space reserved can be a maximum of 10 x 10 feet which must be supervised at all times.  While at the event this year, the City will be once again encouraging all spectators to participate in the Patriotic Canopy Decorating Contest, where the most festive canopies will win prizes!  We look forward to celebrating our Independence Day in the Star Spangled City of Monrovia with you!

For additional information, visit the City’s website or contact the Monrovia Community Services Department at (626) 256-8246.

2019 4th of July

Monrovia Renewal South Section Project Completion Plan Developed - City Working To Finalize Updated Schedule With New Contractor, Work Set To Begin Within The Next Few Weeks!

As we’ve been reporting for the past several weeks, we have had a bit of a delay in completing all of the planned work located in the South Section of Monrovia Renewal.  For reference, the South Section of our overall Citywide infrastructure improvement plan includes the entire portion of the City located south of the I-210 Freeway, and during the past few months, the City has been working to develop an alternative plan to complete the street repair work for that particular section of town.  We had been working with one contractor (Sequel Construction), however, for a variety of coordination and scheduling issues, here at the City, we have had to develop an alternative plan in order to finish the identified work, which includes (among other things) around 1.35 million square feet of street improvements!

Well… after some delay, we’re delighted to share that we’ve finalized a plan to complete the remaining work, as the City has formally engaged another contractor to finish out our South Section upgrades!  We spent significant time this past week working through project details with our new contractor (Sully-Miller), and we expect to have a full run-down – including an updated work schedule – ready to distribute within the next week or two.  In addition, based on our discussions to date, we do anticipate that the construction work in the South Section will begin within the next few weeks as well!

As a reminder, the streets located in the South Section that still require work include:

 5th Avenue  8th Avenue  9th Avenue Alta Street 
 Alta Vista Avenue  Anita Street  Beneath 210 Freeway  Bonita Street
 Diamond Street  Duarte Road  El Norte Street  Encino Avenue
 Encino Way  Encino Place  Enterprise Way  Evergreen Avenue
 Genoa Street  Hurtsview Avenue  Ivy Avenue  Monrovista Avenue
 Montana Street  Alamitas Avenue  Mountain Avenue  Myrtle Avenue
 Naples Street  Peck Road  Pomona Avenue  Shamrock Avenue
   Spanner Street  Venice Avenue  

A map highlighting the streets that still require additional work is included above. In addition, all of us here at the City appreciate the patience that the community has had with us as we’ve worked through executing our signature capital improvement initiative.  Monrovia Renewal has certainly been messy, but the end result is upgraded infrastructure throughout our community.

Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact a member of our project team (626) 932-5575 or at

Monrova Renewal Street Repairs - South Section

MOHPG Is Selling A Beautiful Baby Grand Piano For $2,000 – Contact MOHPG If You Have Any Interest!

The Monrovia Historic Preservation Group is selling a baby grand piano, with the entire proceeds benefiting the group!  The piano measures 4’8” wide, 4’9” long, and 39” high.  It has ivory keys and comes with a bench.  There is no damage to either. A December 2018 appraisal has been conducted, and it is available for $2,000 to anyone who is interested.  Buyer is responsible for moving the piano; it is located on Hillcrest Boulevard in Monrovia.  If you would like to see the piano, contact Dan Ryan via email or see more pictures at the Monrovia Historic Preservation Group website.

Baby Grand Piano

 Piano Keys

Improvements To Intersection Of Huntington & Mayflower Completed On Sunday, June 23 – Staff To Continue To Monitor Conditions At Intersection

This past Sunday, June 23, Los Angeles County Public Works Crews implemented improvements to the operations of the intersection at Huntington Drive and Myrtle Avenue.  The improvements include a revised striping and signage plan as well as changes to the traffic signal operations, all of which will:

  • Close the gap in the median on Mayflower Avenue to prevent left turn movements
  • Changing the signal operations to a “Split Phase” whereby traffic on Mayflower Avenue will cycle with all northbound traffic at one and then all southbound traffic so that they are not on the same cycle; this will improve left turn movements for vehicles traveling both directions on Mayflower Avenue.
  • Implement new lane configurations for the Northbound traffic on Mayflower Avenue, including:
    • Number 1 Lane: Left Turn only
    • Number 2 Lane: Left Turn or Straight/Through
    • Number 3 Lane: Right Turn only

Staff worked with Los Angeles County Public Works, over the last several months, to review the conditions at this intersection and design the implemented improvements. The primary concern that was hears was issues with motorists on northbound Mayflower Avenue as they approach Huntington Drive. This area has been known to back up severely due to capacity of left turns at Huntington Drive, the left turns of vehicles into and out of the shopping center on the East side of Mayflower. These improvements will increase the throughput of vehicles on northbound Mayflower to alleviate these conditions.

Public Works and Engineering staff will continue to monitor conditions at this intersection to ensure that the improvements are operating as designed. If necessary, minor changes and improvements will be implemented if necessary. Please contact Public Works if you have any questions or concerns.

Huntingtion & Mayflower Intersection

Station Square And Julian Fisher Parks To Receive Playground Surface Maintenance Treatment, Playgrounds Will Be Closed This Monday Through Friday

The playgrounds at Station Square and Julian Fisher Park are scheduled to receive maintenance work on the soft playground surfaces during the week of June 24.  The work will include a deep cleaning and pressure washing of the surfaces and the application of a sealant coat that will protect and preserve the playground surfaces.  This work will take place between Monday and Friday, June 24 – 28, and the playgrounds will need to be closed during this activity.  Fences will be places around the areas and will be removed as soon as the work is completed.  If you have any questions or concerns about this matter, please contact the Public Works Department at (626) 932-5575.

Assemblymember Holden To Co-Host San Gabriel Valley Housing And Homelessness Summit On Saturday, June 29, From 8:30 A.M. To 12:30 P.M., At Alexander Hughes Community Center In Claremont

In partnership with the San Gabriel Valley Consortium on Homelessness and the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments, the San Gabriel Valley Housing and Homelessness Summit plans to discuss Measure H, which created a one-quarter of cent sales to help generate funds for homelessness services. There will also be panel, comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds, all discussing the importance of Measure H. The event will be held on Saturday, June 29, at the Alexander Hughes Community Center (1700 Danbury Road, Claremont) from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. If you have any questions, please call Assemblymember Holden’s District office at (909) 624-7876 or visit the website.

Join Us This Saturday For The First MAFA Summer Art Walk In Old Town!

The Monrovia Association of Fine Arts (MAFA) Summer Art Walks are always a huge hit for those looking to capture a glimpse into the local arts scene!  Visitors will have three chances to enjoy art along the sidewalk in the 400 block of South Myrtle Avenue on Saturday evenings at the end of each month – June 29, July 27, and August 24.

Additional information can be found on the flyer below, by visiting the event page or by calling (626) 483-0560. Many thanks to MAFA for all that they do to advance arts and culture here in our community!

MAFA Flyer MAFA Collage

Summer Concerts In The Park Every Weekend Throughout July And August!

The Community Services Department will be hosting the 2019 Summer Concert Series!  Bring the entire family for an evening of free musical entertainment from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. Bring your lawn chair or blanket, sit back, relax and enjoy the variety of music. We are excited to offer dance lessons at 6 of our concerts! Mark your calendars and don't miss out!

Saturday Concerts @ Station Square Ampitheater

  • Address: 1601 South Myrtle Ave., Monrovia, CA 91016
  • Time: 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
    • July 6 - Cold Duck, Motown/Soul Band
    • July 13 - Night Owl, Top 40 Band
    • July 20 - Blue Breeze Band, Jazz Band
    • July 27 -Salsa Caliente, Salsa Band
      • Free Salsa Dance Lesson!
    • August 3 -The Hodads, Variety Band
      • Free Zumba Dance Lesson!
    • August 10 -The Skinny Ties, 80's Rock and Roll Band
    • August 17 - Mark Easterday Band, Country Band
      • Free Line Dancing Lesson!
    • August 24 -Langston Theard & Adoration, Gospel Soul Band

Sunday Concerts @ Library Park, Rotary Club Bandshell

  • Address: 321 South Myrtle Ave., Monrovia, CA 91016
  • Time: 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
    • July 7 - Soto Band, Top 40/Latin Band
    • July 14 - Langston Theard & Adoration, Gospel Soul Band
    • July 21 -Kelly Rae Band, Country Band
      • Free Line Dancing Lesson!
    • July 28 -Smokin' Cobras, 50's Retro Band
      • Free Swing Dance Lesson!
    • August 4 - Hit Me 90's, 90's Pop Band 
      • Free Pop/Hip Hop Lesson!
    • August 11 - Bumptown, Old School/Disco/Latin Band
    • August 18 - Yachty by Nature, Yacht Rock Band 70s & 80s
    • August 25 - The Answer, Classic Rock Band

For additional information, please contact the Community Center at (626) 256-8246!

Summer Concert 2019

June 23-29 Is National Mosquito Control Awareness Week – Help Us Reduce The Mosquito Population By Removing Stagnant Water Wherever You Find It!

The San Gabriel Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District wants you to help in the fight against mosquitos and the diseases they spread!  The week of June 23-29, 2019 is Mosquito Control Awareness Week!  Mosquito Awareness Week is a time to inspire everyone to take action and reduce the threats of mosquitoes in our own backyards.

Mosquitoes kill and sicken more people than any other creature on this planet. In fact, hundreds of people get sick in California from mosquito bites.  When mosquitoes bite, they can transmit diseases such as West Nile virus. Zika, yellow fever and dengue fever are new diseases that threaten our communities.

So what can we all do about it??  Your home, inside and in the backyard, is the perfect mosquito factory. Mosquitoes use stagnant water in any container to lay their eggs. Once a week, Tip 'N Toss stagnant water and unused containers. It's that simple! You can learn more at their website.

National Mosquito Week

New Drinking Water Quality Report Now Available

Each June, the City of Monrovia publishes a Drinking Water Quality Report, or Consumer Confidence Report, that has details regarding where our drinking water comes from, what that water contains, and how the water compares to water quality standards established by the State.  The City recently completed this report, which covers the period of January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2018, and complies with the regulations set by the Safe Drinking Water Act.

All water customers will receive an insert in their June 2019 utility bill insert, which provides additional information regarding the water quality report.  In addition, the report can also be accessed here.

If you should have any questions regarding this matter, please feel free to call the Public Works Department at (626) 932-5575.

Water Quality Report

Monrovia Renewal North Area Road Work Construction Activities Set To Continue, With Major Street Work Now Underway!

As of this week, street reconstruction activities are underway in the North Section of the City’s Monrovia Renewal Project. Work began this week with pulverizing activities that are being completed on the streets that are scheduled for a full 4” Reconstruction.  Work on grading and material removal will continue throughout the week with final paving taking place between June 1 and 26!

The planned street improvements as a part of Monrovia Renewal include 4” Full Reconstruction, 2” Asphalt Overlay, and Microsurfacing totaling nearly 2.3 million square feet of street improvements. As this is the largest section of Monrovia Renewal, street improvements will continue between now and August 2019.  For purposes of managing a project of this scale, Sully-Miller is conducting the paving work in phases and each area will receive a subsequent schedule and notification prior to work taking place in their immediate area.  If your street is not listed in the information below, it will be coming shortly!

Monrovia Renewal Phase 1

The Schedule for upcoming street construction activities in Phase 1 are as follows:

  • Slot Patching / Street Reconstruction
    • Streets Include: Scenic Drive from Highland to Heather Heights and from Magnolia to Myrtle, Hillcrest Blvd, Canyon Blvd and Franklin Place
    • As outlined in the step by step overview below, these streets will be:
      • Paving: Will continue through this coming week
      • Concrete pouring: will continue for the next two weeks. Please note: no work will take place on Thursday, July 4 and Friday, July 5

The schedule for the remaining street areas will be shared prior to work beginning in those areas. 

Overview of Street Reconstruction Process and Impacts:

As part of the complete reconstruction, the streets will be pulverized to dirt in a multiple step process:

  1. Day 1: A machine will pulverize the existing roadway surface 10" deep to create new base material. This dirt material will be rolled and compacted to be driven upon.
  2. Day 2: A couple of days later, crews will return with large machines to remove 4" of the pulverized material. This dirt material will, again, be rolled and compacted to be driven upon.
  3. Days 3 & 4: After the material has been removed, crews will return to pave new asphalt on the street. Paving will be completed in 2 - 2" sections. In some cases, the paving sections will be completed on separate days and in others, the paving will take place the same day.

*Although this process will take approximately 4 working days for each street section, there might be downtime between each phase meaning that the entire process might take a couple of weeks.

During the process, it is important to remember:

  • Although many streets will be turned to dirt, vehicles may still access the street (except for intermittent periods during active construction).
  • There will be parking restrictions in place during work hours however vehicles will be permitted to park on the street at the end of working days. PLEASE ADHERE TO ALL POSTED PARKING RESTRICTIONS.
  • Driveways will be accessible every night; however access may be limited during daytime work activities.
  • Pulverized streets may remain dirt streets for up to three weeks

The project area map below indicates the specific road work that will take place on each street. More details on the upcoming road work for Monrovia Renewal will be included in future updates, including dates and specific street locations. We appreciate your patience and support while we work to execute these improvements throughout our community!

If you have any questions regarding Monrovia Renewal, please feel free to contact Public Works at (626) 932-5575 or

Suspension Of Street Sweeping Enforcement In North Section Construction Area As Monrovia Renewal Work Continues

As we have embarked on Monrovia Renewal North area improvements and have assessed the extensive nature of the construction activity, the City has measured the need to suspend traditional street sweeping operations and enforcement while construction is underway. Beginning Monday, June 17, posted street sweeping restrictions will not be enforced in the current work area, specifically, the portion of the City that is north of and including Hillcrest Boulevard, Grand Avenue, and Greystone Avenue.

While construction activity continues in this section, residents are advised to adhere to all posted construction parking signs! The suspension of enforcement applies only to street sweeping restrictions; all other parking and vehicle code sections will remain enforced.

The suspension of citations related to street sweeping will take into effect June 17, 2019 and will continue through August 31, 2019.

We appreciate all of your patience as we continue Monrovia Renewal. Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call (626) 932-5575 or

Additional Monrovia Renewal North Area Improvements (Water Main Repairs, Concrete Work) Also Continuing On Highland, Greystone, And Prospect – Key Updates For The Week Of June 17!

In addition to the roadwork activities outlined above, the following Monrovia Renewal construction activities in the North section will continue this week.  Sully Miller Contracting will:

  • Continue paving operations that were rained out on Friday, June 21
  • Continue water main repairs on: Greystone Avenue and Prospect Avenue
  • Concrete improvements throughout the project area

We will do our best to minimize the impacts on residents. Sully Miller will deliver notices to all residents in the impacted area(s) prior to work taking place. The notices will outline the work taking place, a schedule overview, and information on associated impacts, such as parking restrictions and driveway access:

  1. Initial Notice – This notice will be distributed approximately one week prior to work commencing.
  2. Two Day Notice – A final notice will be provided two days before the activity begins to serve as a reminder of the upcoming work and associated impacts.

In addition, parking signs will be posted in the areas where parking will be impacted; please adhere to all posted signs. During these activities, there may be intermittent road closures and parking restrictions. Streets and driveways may be inaccessible for intermittent periods during the day but will be accessible every night.

We recognize that construction can be messy and inconvenient, and thank you for your cooperation and patience as we work through these improvements!  For more information on what work will be happening on your street and general inquiries about the Monrovia Renewal project, please contact the Public Works Division at (626) 932-5575 or email the Monrovia Renewal Project Team.  In addition, you can visit the Monrovia Renewal webpage for all the latest project news and updates. View the map below to see what road work improvements are coming to your street!

Monrovia Renewal North Section Map

Police Chaplain Jerry Johnson Set To Retire, Special Celebration Event Scheduled For June 27 From 3:30 P.M. – 4:30 P.M. At The Monrovia Police Department Community Service Room

During the past 7 years, Chaplain Jerry Johnson has served as an integral member of our Police Department team, and we hope that everyone will join us as we get set to honor Jerry for his contributions to helping us all to better serve the people of Monrovia to create a community which offers a premier quality of life.  Jerry has notified us of his plans to retire, and we have a special celebration event set to take place on June 27 from 3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. at the Monrovia Police Department.  Additional details can be found on the flyer below.

Police Chaplin Johnson

Cafe Olla Coming To Old Town Monrovia!

Just a quick bit of Old Town Monrovia intel for everyone!  I heard this past week that the vacant storefront located just north of Grey & Cash in Old Town Monrovia is likely going to be occupied by a Café Olla.  It’s apparently a Mexican themed restaurant / café, and the unofficial word from our staff is that the restaurant serves really terrific food!  We’ll be sure to pass along any additional details as soon as that information becomes available!

Athens Solid Waste Service Rates Set To Increase By 4.77% Beginning July 1, 2019 – The Typical Residential Customer Will See An Increase Of $1.50 / Month

This past week, representatives from Athens notified the City of their formal request to institute a 4.77% increase for solid waste services effective July 1, 2019.  This particular adjustment takes into account both CPI and California State minimum wage cost increases. These increases are consistent with the terms for rate increases that area included in the City’s current contract with Athens Services.  In terms of impact to the customers, what this means is:

  • For the typical residential customer (who is enrolled in the 90-gallon trash / recycling barrel program), solid waste services will increase by $1.50 / month, from $31.53 / month to $33.03 / month.
  • For the typical multi-family customer (who is enrolled in the one 3-yard bin which is serviced once per week), solid waste services will increase by $8.63 / month, from $180.83 / month to $189.46 / month.
  • For the typical commercial customer (who is enrolled in the one 3-yard bin which is serviced once per week), solid waste services will increase by $8.77 / month, from $183.94 / month to $192.71 / month.

In the coming weeks, staff will also be rolling out our annual 1-on-1 Solid Waste Services Optimization Meetings.  These meetings, with representatives from the City and Athens, provide any interested customer with a personalized assessment of their current solid waste service levels to ensure that they currently enrolled in the best program to ensure proper waste removal services at the best cost level.  More detailed information will be available in the coming weeks and, in the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Public Works Department at (626) 932-5575.

Check Out the New Monrovia Today to Start Planning Your Summer Fun!

Summer is jam-packed with fun activities in Monrovia! Summer classes begin July 8, so find something new to learn and make some friends by registering for classes today!  Browse the online flipbook to easily search using key words and click on live links to register for each class or learn more on the City website!  We’re very excited to showcase all of the amazing programs, services, and events that will be in our community this summer, and hope you’ll like it as much as we do!  Take a look at the latest happenings in Monrovia and register for classes by visiting the City’s website: Monrovia Today Activity Guide.

Monrovia Today Summer 2019

Additional Tree Trimming Activities Now Underway – Activity Occurring Between Myrtle And Shamrock, From Foothill To The City’s Southern Border!

During the past several months, the City has been reengaged in coordinating tree trimming activities, and we’ve made plans to keep on cutting!  Pruning and trimming activity is set to occur on all City-owned trees in the area bound by Myrtle Avenue to the west, Shamrock Avenue to the east, Foothill Boulevard to the north, and the City’s limit to the south (see attached map below).  During the next 6 weeks, you’ll see the City’s contractor (West Coast Arborist) hard at work to get our tree canopy maintained, and if you have any questions or concerns moving ahead, please contact the Public Works Department at (626) 932-5575.

Tree Trimming Schedule

Tree Cutting

City Council Adopts Resolution To Call For A Special Election To Keep Monrovia Revenue Local Sales And Use Tax Proposal On November 5, 2019

Over the past few months, staff has coordinated more than a dozen outreach meetings to discuss the possibility of calling for a special election in November 2019 for our community to consider a sales tax increase.  The genesis of this idea was borne from the propensity of LA County to continue gaining approval for local sales tax rate increases, which have placed Monrovia on the precipice of hitting the State maximum rate of 10.25%.  Currently, we only have 0.75% of sales tax capacity remaining, and there are several potential regional sales tax increase proposals being considered.

Throughout all of our outreach efforts, the response from most of the community regarding the possibility of increasing our local sales tax rate to keep Monrovia’s revenue local (and away from regional agencies, like LA County) has been generally positive.  Given that feedback, on May 7, staff prepared a study session overview for City Council regarding our efforts to date, and also outlined a staff proposed spending plan should the measure be approved.  The proposed spending plan was developed based on looming future fiscal threats, and to fund aspirational local priority projects that have been put on hold due to lack of funding.  The key priority funding areas include:

  1. Fund an upgrade to the City’s Community Center
  2. Achieve a AAA Rating
  3. Give money back to residents by lowering the monthly municipal services bill
  4. Continue to invest in capital upgrades, including parks, facilities and infrastructure
  5. Set a fixed amount of money aside for community priorities, such as affordable housing, community based organizations, and schools.

These items were discussed in greater detail at the May 29 and June 4 Budget Study Sessions with the City Council. Additional details regarding the proposed spending plan and sales tax initiative can be found online.

Following all of the consideration regarding this matter, the City Council last Tuesday voted to adopt the requisite resolutions needed to call for a special election to allow the community to consider the Keep Monrovia Revenue Local Sales and Use Tax Proposal.  The item will be considered by Monrovia voters on Tuesday, November 5, 2019.

During the next several months, staff will continue to reach out to various community groups to gather additional feedback, and as the spending plan continues to develop, staff will continue to keep everyone apprised of any new information.

City Council And Planning Commission Approve Moving Forward With Initial Parking And Traffic Mitigation Plans

Last Tuesday, the City held a joint City Council / Planning Commission meeting to review and discuss additional parking and traffic mitigation plans in the Station Square area, given the increased development interest Monrovia is currently experiencing.  While the City has instituted significant development mitigation programs in our attempt to find a way to balance the competing need to address increasing housing costs with protecting our existing quality of life, both our policy makers and staff have wanted to spend additional time thinking about parking and traffic related concerns.

All of the proposed development projects, along with the City’s current development mitigation program, can be found online at

Regarding parking concerns, staff has been working to develop additional parking mitigations for consideration as we prepare to consider entitlement of the next wave of development projects.  After much analysis, we have developed a mitigation effort for policy maker consideration that would require all major residential projects in the Station Square area – and anywhere in the City, for that matter – to establish in their lease agreements a requirement that prohibits their tenants from parking on any City street.  Furthermore, our proposed condition would require that all developers establish a Parking Violation Eviction Program, whereby any individual who continuously violates the parking rule could be evicted from the housing complex.

In addition, regarding traffic impacts, staff has for the past several months been working on an overall analysis of the potential cumulative traffic impacts that could result from establishment of the proposed development projects currently in our pipeline.  To that end, we recently completed a comprehensive review of a study area of the entire City located south of Huntington Drive.  As part of that review, we analyzed 29 separate traffic intersections, and modeled what would happen if we were to have all of our currently identified projects approved.

Parking Study 1

As we conducted our review, our assessment priorities included:

  • Our General Plan has identified the minimum acceptable operational level during peak hours for each of our intersections.
  • We modeled future traffic conditions through the target year of 2040, and included in our assessment regional growth patterns, known development projects, and other projects allowed by the General Plan by 2040.
  • This assessment was intended to see what would happen in the year 2040 at each of the intersections if we do nothing to improve the situation.

Based on the analysis, our review concluded that by 2040, development patterns will add a total of 2,048 morning peak hour trips, and 3,457 afternoon peak hour trips.  Also, the review indicates that if we do nothing, in 2040, 12 of the 29 study intersections will be operating at less than the requisite level of service as articulated in our General Plan.

Given this analysis, State law allows us to assess a Traffic Impact Fee on all new development that would require that project proponents pay for their proportional share of the additional traffic being generated by their developments.  To that end, we are working to institute a Traffic Impact Fee in Monrovia, which if approved, would raise funds from each of the new developments to make traffic / intersection improvements as identified in our study.  The identified improvements are highlighted in the map below.

Parking Study 2

We will be taking steps to institute the actual implementation of the Traffic Impact Fee program and the proposed parking mitigation program with the Planning Commission and City Council in the next several months.

Monrovia Community Garden Pilot Program Is Making Significant Progress!!! And Save The Date – Community Garden Ribbon Cutting Set For July 20 @ 9:00 A.M.

Over the past few months, the Monrovia Community Garden Pilot Program has been making tremendous progress on developing a new community garden program for Monrovia.  In fact, if you have driven by 303 W. Colorado Boulevard recently, you may have seen that the majority of construction is now complete for all of the garden beds, including:

  • Installation of individual irrigation for each garden bed
  • Organic soil being placed into each plot
  • Establishment of the demonstration garden
  • Installation the permanent fencing
  • Fruit trees have started to bear fruit
  • Installation of the decomposed granite pathways

Given all of the work that has been completed to date, the program is now nearly ready for program participants to start their gardening activities!  And we are so pleased to also be able to share that the City has had tremendous interest from individuals wanting to participate in the program!

We accepted applications for use of private garden beds through May 17, 2019, and we received a total of 27 applications for the 21 available private garden plots.  The team then evaluated each application based on the following established community garden program criteria:

  • Access to open space / high density housing
  • High interest in the program and date of application submittal
  • Wide geographic representation of Monrovia
  • Interest in overall program as expressed in the application

Based on that review, 21 potential garden program participants have been contacted and have been invited to attend one of two orientation meetings that will be coordinated in June.  Once the gardeners have attended the training program, they will be able to start planting!  In addition, the six individuals on the waitlist have also been contacted and invited to participate in upcoming workshop and training programs.

Moving ahead, the City has planned to host a formal Ribbon Cutting event to commemorate the Monrovia Community Garden project on Saturday, July 20 at 9:00 a.m. We invite the entire community to come and celebrate the establishment of this particular program.

In addition, as part of the Community Garden program, the City will be coordinating gardening educational workshops throughout the year, and all of these workshops will be free and open to the public.  The first of these workshops will be held on Saturday, July 27 at 9:00 a.m., and will be focused on Veggie Gardening 101.

If you have any questions, you can find additional details online at  You can also follow the building process and get updates on Facebook and Instagram.

Community Garden Logo

Community Garden 1 Community Garden 2 Community Garden 3

New GoMonrovia Pricing Structure To Take Effect On June 1 – $2.50 Shared Rides, $5.00 Classic Rides, And Always Just $0.50 For The Gold Line, Old Town Monrovia and Hospitals!

On Tuesday, April 16, the City Council held a Study Session to review the progress being made with the GoMonrovia Lyft Stabilization Plan that the Council authorized in December 2018.  Multiple levers were included in the plan to adjust to help make the GoMonrovia program financially sustainable in the long term.  These levers have included implementing new prices as of February 2019, as well as new registration requirements for Monrovia Transit for ADA riders and Lyft Concierge for call-in dispatch services in February / March 2019.  Additionally, LA County opted out of participating in the on-demand Lyft portion of the GoMonrovia program, so the unincorporated LA County areas adjacent to Monrovia were removed from the service area starting April 1. To learn more details about the changes highlighted above, please visit the website.

Together, these changes have certainly made a difference in improving the ongoing expenses of running the GoMonrovia program.  However, as staff shared with the City Council in the Study Session, the program still faces a program budget deficit.  Due to this deficit, additional program adjustments will be needed to bring GoMonrovia costs in-line with available revenues.

To that end, at their May 21 meeting, the City Council approved the following program adjustments:

  • Institute a price shift of $1.50 for shared and regular rides.
    • $0.50 Shared ride for any ride to / from Old Town and the Gold Line Station.  Of note, the pricing for this trip would not be impacted.
    • $2.50 Shared ride anywhere else in the service area
    • $5.00 Classic ride anywhere in the service area

Additionally, the City Council directed staff to evaluate making trips to hospitals only $0.50 as well.

GoMonrovia Pricing Shift June 1

New Office Hours At Public Works For General Questions Regarding Public Right-Of-Way And Permitting Issues!

In order to enhance our customer service efforts, the Public Works Department has been working to develop a new over the counter office hour program where we will have staff on-hand to review any permit applications, consider development plans, and answer general questions regarding working in the public right-of-way.  In addition, during Office Hours, the City’s Public Works Inspector, our Engineering Technician, and our Senior Administrative Assistant will be able to issue permits over the counter should the applicant provide a complete application / submittal!

These new Office Hours are as follows:

  • Mondays and Thursdays - 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.
  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays - 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Prior to this change, the City’s Public Works Inspector was available by appointment only, and typically was in the field for inspections throughout the day.  With the institution of office hours, we are trying to respond to our customer needs by providing set times when applicants can speak with City personnel without having to make an appointment.  Of course, even with the new office hour program, the Public Works Department will still remain open during regular business hours, which are Monday through Thursday, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Public Works at (626) 932- 5575 or

Annual Fire Department Brush Inspections Underway

It is that time of year again for Monrovia Fire & Rescue’s brush inspections! The Fire Department is now performing brush inspections for all properties located in the high-fire danger areas of town. We will be working with all of our impacted residents to coordinate all brush clearance activities.

Of particular note, in an effort to reduce the risk of fire danger for all of us in town, and to better coordinate our overall brush disposal programs, the City has partnered with Athens Services to provide roll-off-bins and bulky item pick-ups at no cost for impacted residents during the brush clearance season. Athens will be providing bins from May 1 – June 30 for residents in the brush zone. Residents should have received the annual brush clearance letter this past week. To coordinate getting your free bin, call (626) 256-8109 and the Fire Department will help coordinate bin delivery.

View more information related to our overall brush fire clearance activities.

2019 Brush Disposal Options

Visit Www.Buildingmonrovia.Com For All Of Your Development-Related Questions

To provide more information on the unprecedented development interest taking place in Monrovia, the City has spent the last few months creating a new website focused on helping residents and businesses not only learn more about each project that is being considered, but also answer frequently asked questions about the impacts these development may have on the community.  The website includes pages on all the major areas of concern, such as: 

  • Parking
  • Traffic
  • Affordable Housing
  • Water
  • Public Safety
  • And more! 

The City held a joint City Council / Planning Commission to review the upcoming major development projects that will be considered for entitlements starting later this year.  The Commission, Council, and community members provided valuable feedback at the meeting that will help guide next steps as these projects move through review.  The major projects that are likely going to be considered by the City this year include: 

  1. Trammel Crow Residential - "The Alexan Specific Plan"
    • A 436-unit project proposed to be built at 1625 South Magnolia Avenue
  2. Fifield Realty Corporation - "West Pomona Transit District"
    • A 310-unit project proposed to be built at 123 West Pomona Avenue
  3. MW Investment Group - "Arroyo at Monrovia Station"
    • A 284-unit project proposed to be built on the City block bound by South Magnolia to the west, South Primrose to the east, West Evergreen to the north, and West Pomona to the south
  4. City Park-and-Ride Lot
    • A proposed ~130 key Cambria hotel project located on the City's park-and-ride lot at the southwest corner of Myrtle Avenue / Pomona Avenue.

We do hope that you take the opportunity to look through and learn more about all of the exciting developments that are taking place in Monrovia! For in-depth details on each project and to track each project as it moves through the development process over the next several months, you can also visit the Development Spotlight page on the main City website.

Building Monrovia Homepage

SoCalGas Company Relocating / Lowering Pipeline On Melrose Avenue Prior To Road Construction

For the past several weeks, SoCalGas Company and National Pipeline have been hard at work on Melrose Avenue, between Hillcrest and Scenic! As a part of preliminary work related to Monrovia Renewal, SoCalGas located a pipeline on Melrose that was rather shallow and, although it was not causing any issue at the time, it was realized that its depth was not up to proper standard, and there was a concern that it could be disrupted during construction activity.

SoCalGas and NPL set out to replace the main gas line and lower it to a more appropriate level below Melrose Avenue. That work was completed a couple of weeks back and, since then, the crews have been working to replace all of the residential gas services along that block. According to our inspector and SoCalGas’ project manager, that work will be completed entirely this week.

The schedule updates have been shared with Sully-Miller and the Monrovia Renewal team and it is anticipated that the Monrovia Renewal related improvements will begin on Melrose Avenue in the coming weeks.

We know that construction is messy and inconvenient and we do appreciate the patience of the residents in this area as we work to complete these improvements. If you have any questions or concerns about the schedule or the remaining activity, please contact the Project Team at (626) 932-5575 or

Southern California Edison Planning Electrical System Improvements That Will Impact Portions of Myrtle, Walnut and Primrose

Construction crews and inspectors from Southern California Edison (SCE) are coordinating a significant electrical system undergrounding improvement project that will impact the area of Myrtle Avenue, Primrose Avenue, and Walnut Avenue. The construction work, which is anticipated to last 6 – 8 weeks, will involve trenching and excavating portions of the 800 block of South Myrtle Avenue, along with portions of Walnut Avenue adjacent west of Myrtle Avenue, in order to install new conduits, ducts, and other underground structures to reroute existing SCE infrastructure.  Of particular note, as part of the work, SCE will need to have a trench cut across Myrtle Avenue, which will require robust traffic control efforts.

Beginning Monday, June 17, crews will begin trenching and installing conduit within the roadway to connect all of the underground vaults and facilities that were installed within the past week. Work will begin on Primrose north to Walnut and down Walnut eastbound to Myrtle. Work will take place along one side of the street so through traffic will be available; motorists are advised to be cautious when traveling through work areas. All businesses and residences in the area will be accessible at all times.

Please contact Public Works with any questions about the work progress and schedule!

Southern California Edison Engaged In Ongoing Repair Work Here In Town For The Remainder Of 2019

In response to the devastating wild fires in Southern California recently, Southern California Edison has been coordinating with City staff on scheduling high priority repairs related to fire safety which will take place over the next 9 months.  SCE staff has identified a number of needed repairs to their infrastructure citywide, ranging from replacing conductors, cross-arms, cabling, anchoring poles, pole replacement, or simple miscellaneous repairs.  Each of these needed repairs has been given a priority level designation (1-3) with 3 being the highest priority repair.

To date, SCE staff has identified approximately 200 Tier 3 repairs that need to be completed by May 31 in their designated high fire zone.  In addition to the Tier 3 repairs, SCE staff has identified an additional 350 Tier 2 and Tier 1 repairs that need to be completed by the end of the year (December 31).  In total, that means SCE will be repairing approximately 550 various pieces of equipment throughout town over the next 9 months.  Public Works staff is coordinating with SCE staff on permitting, scheduling of work, and ultimately coordination that helps SCE complete their interim and final completion dates.  Because of the volume of work, this will likely mean that SCE will be working seven days a week between now and the end of May to meet the first interim completion date for Tier 3 repairs.

SCE will be sending out mailers, door knockers, and other notification letters to the residents in the impacted areas in advance of the work.  Additional notification will be required when SCE needs access to private property as well as additional notification that results in any temporary power outages.  If there are any questions regarding SCE’s activity, please visit SCE’s website. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call Public Works at (626) 932-5575.

City Preparing To Take Over The Parking Lots Located On Lime Avenue Adjacent To Old Town… Which Means More Downtown Parking Is Coming Soon!

We wanted to let everyone know that additional parking is coming to Old Town!  During the past several years, the City has been engaged in discussions with representatives from Monrovia Lime, LLC, regarding the possibility of obtaining the right to utilize the ~150 parking spaces located on Lime Avenue, just east of Ivy Avenue, as illustrated in the map below in yellow.  The smaller of the two lots is located between First Indonesian Baptist Church and the George Anderson House Museum.  The larger of the two lots is just east of the Anderson House.

Lime and Ivy Parking Lots

We are happy to report that after more than a year of dialogue, the City has now acquired the right to utilize those two parking lots, which will be available for general public use by the end of May 2018.  During the next few weeks, City crews will be working to make minor upgrades to both parking lots (weed control, lights, new painting, etc.), and we anticipate that the lots will be available for public use soon thereafter.  We will be certain to keep everyone apprised of our progress moving ahead.

Annual Citywide Sewer Cleaning Program Set To Begin, With 200,000 Linear Feet Of Sewer Lines Set To Be Cleaned By July

We wanted to let everyone know that this week, the City started our annual sewer maintenance program, and our team has been deployed in concert with a private contractor (Houston Harris) to coordinate an initial cleaning of ~250,000 linear feet of sewer lines throughout the City.  And just in case you didn’t know… 250,000 linear feet is equivalent to nearly 47 miles!

Overall, the City’s sanitary sewer system contains approximately 92 miles of sewer line comprised of various sizes (ranging from 6” to 24” diameters) and materials (including iron, steel, and vitrified clay).  Given that quantity of sewer lines, our sewer maintenance program includes the cleaning of around 250,000 linear feet of sewer pipelines annually.  The crews in the field now are using a method known as hydro jetting to clear any possible sewer blockages, and additionally, our team will be coordinating the inspection of the sewer lines utilizing closed circuit video.  Other maintenance activities include root removal and pest control programs.

During the next few months, we will be coordinating this sewer maintenance work, and if you see large equipment located throughout town at sewer manholes… rest assured, our team is hard at work keeping the brown in the round!

Water Pipeline Repair On Canyon Boulevard As Part Of Monrovia Renewal North Section Is Off The Street!

Sully-Miller crews have completed the water pipeline repair along Canyon Boulevard. They will continue making all necessary connections of the new pipeline to the water system but this work will be confined to the site and area surrounding Oakglade Reservoir. This work will segue to the planned site and tank improvements that will be completed at Oakglade Reservoir. As the final part of these improvements, crews will return later this summer to complete the road construction that is planned for Canyon Boulevard. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we work to complete these improvements.

Canyon Boulevard Pipeline

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Public Works Division at (626) 932-5575, or via email at  Additionally, updated construction schedules and notices will be available on the City’s website and on the City’s social media accounts.  And please know that all of us here at the City appreciate your patience during these periods of construction activity!

New State Regulations Have Further Eroded Local Control Over Housing Decisions

As the City prepares to consider several large-scale development projects, one housing note that we wanted to share with everyone relates to the impact that recent State legislation has had on our local land use controls as it relates to housing development.  As you may recall, in 2017 and in 2018, the State approved a series of legislative amendments to the Housing Accountability Act (HAA), which combined has reduced local government authority to deny or reduce the density of proposed housing development projects.

To highlight how those pieces of legislation impact a municipality’s ability to regulate development, a full memo on the matter can be found online. In particular, I wanted to highlight some of the key changes that staff is currently grappling with:

  • The new regulations adopted by the State stipulate that if a project conforms to a City’s applicable development standards (i.e., no variances or exceptions are sought), it will be extremely difficult for the City to legally deny any housing project.
  • Furthermore, while a City can still institute a design and neighborhood compatibility review process, the City essentially now cannot deny a housing development project, or impose conditions that the project be developed at a lower density, unless strict findings can be identified which indicate that a project would have a specific, adverse impact on public health or safety.

Again, a memo outlining all of the new State mandated housing development regulations that we are contending with can be found online.

Are You In Need Of Accessible Transportation? Register For Monrovia's Dial-A-Ride Program!

As of March, Monrovia Transit serves passengers with ADA needs only. This change is being made to ensure the ADA accessible vehicles are reserved for those who need special accommodations.  All passengers with ADA-related needs wishing to take advantage of this service should complete this short, one-time application, including providing back-up documentation showing disability eligibility, sign the waiver, and return both to the Community Center (119 W. Palm Avenue).

Monrovia Transit Logo Monrovia Transit ADA Van

Improvements Coming To The City’s Library Calendar

During the past few years, the Monrovia Public Library has worked with a library calendar company called LibraryInsight to power our library calendar of events.  As our team at the Library has done some additional research about possible ways to enhance the library calendar, we have been in discussions with a firm called Library Market, which provides a new more interactive and user-friendly calendar management software program.  After meeting with Library Market, we identified that the new software would allow us to make the following improvements:

  • It has a user-friendly interface that is mobile-friendly
  • The admin side allows you to easily enter and update program information
  • We can use the software to allow online booking of study rooms
  • Registration is easy for both patrons and staff
  • The software will automatically notify program attendees 24 hours before an event with a reminder email and contact those on a waitlist if a spot opens up
  • Reports and statistics allow us to see how & when patrons sign up for programs or study rooms (helpful for Library Board or State Report)
  • They provide training for all staff and a customized manual specific to our library
  • Location maps on event listings to help direct patrons during off-site programs
  • Patrons can easily share events on social media (Facebook & Instagram) or via email with others
  • We can create disclaimers, program descriptions, and images that can be easily attached to multiple programs
  • They offer support via phone, email, and their help desk ticketing system
  • Patrons can easily filter events by age group, date, or topic

Some examples of public libraries that are currently utilizing the Library Market software include Helen Plum Library, Woodridge Public Library, & Adams County Library.

Based on our work to date, we anticipate the new Monrovia Library calendar going live at the end of June 2019.

Summer Reading Program 2019 @ Monrovia Public Library

Looking for some FREE fun in the sun this summer? Then head over to the Library for Summer Reading 2019. We have programs for all ages, plus if you can receive prizes and free books by logging your days of reading! This year we have a special Grand Prize, a $500 Disney Gift Card, generously donated by Creative Woman. For your chance to win, collect all 10 Learning Icons over the summer. Each Learning Icon represents one of the skills you can learn by attending library programs, such as Critical Thinking, Community Building, and Adventure & Discovery. Visit the Library's website to learn more about the Summer Reading Program and Learning Icons. You can find the Summer Reading 2019 Programming Brochure HERE. Let’s make this the best summer ever!

This Week’s Happenings At The Monrovia Public Library!

The Monrovia Public Library is a special community gathering place that makes a difference in the lives of children, teens, adults, and families of all kinds.  Experience all that the Library has to offer by visiting us in person at 321 S. Myrtle Avenue, and if you have any questions, contact the Library at (626) 256-8274!

Novel T's Book Club
Join us on the fourth Tuesday of every month for a lively book discussion featuring a new facilitator each month. The fun starts at 6:30 with snacks and chit/chat and then at 6:45 the discussion begins. This month’s title is No Man Knows My History: The Life of Joseph Smith by Fawn Brodie.

  • Tuesday, June 25, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m., Library Story Room

Sims Mini Movie Magic Workshop Series
Learn filmmaking concepts using the Sims 4 video game and make your movie come to life at this three-week series. This class is for teens and adults, grades 6 & up. Space is limited so please register by calling the library at 626-256-8274. 

  • Wednesday, June 26, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m., Library Community Room

Family Wellness @ MPL
In partnership with Santa Anita Hot Yoga Studio. Yoga, mindfulness and meditation created for the whole family. Register at the Library's website.

  • Saturday, June 29, 10:30 - 11:30 a.m., Library Story Room

Book Crafts with Erica
Upcycle old books into cool new art and decorations. Learn paper folding, paper flower making, and other skills to turn these old books into beautiful works of art. For grades 6 & up.

  • Saturday, June 29, 3:00 p.m., Library Story Room

Conversation Groups @ Monrovia Public Library
Culture and Conversation: Practice speaking English by discussing and reading the ‘News for You’ weekly newspaper in a friendly and relaxed setting. Build confidence in your work, school, family and social life. For more information, call (626) 256-8273 or email

  • Every Wednesday, 6:00 – 7:30 p.m., Library Heritage Room

Speak Easy: Join us for round-table talking and practice speaking English in a friendly and relaxed setting. New topics weekly, including: popular culture, work and jobs, health, and more. Build confidence in your work, school, family, and social life.

Key Links & Help Keep Monrovia Beautiful:

Interesting Story Of The Week – Whoa... Seals Can Sing!

So it turns out that in addition to being a mammal… humans and seals have something else in common.

Both species can sing.

Yes… you read that right!  Seals can sing!

Singing Seal

Our interesting story of the week comes to us from Science Alert, which reports that the “harsh bark of the seal certainly doesn't spring to mind when you're thinking of melodious singing voices in the animal kingdom. But it seems the puppies of the sea have been holding out on us: When it comes to replicating a tune, they're surprisingly talented.”

From the article, it appears that scientists were studying the vocal learning patterns of grey seals when they figured out how to teach them to mimic human speech… and music!

Yeah, I know what you’re wondering… what song exactly can a seal actually sing?

Well… how about “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and the theme to the classic sci-fi franchise, Star Wars???

As part of the study, researchers worked with three seals named Zola, Janice, and Gandalf.  Through a series of training exercises, the animals became more and more proficient at copying sounds using their own vocalizations.  And eventually, all three seals were able to learn how to “sing” Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

To read (and hear!) more about this interesting development, please feel free to click here!

Police Department's Weekly Neighborhood Watch Report

The Police Department’s weekly neighborhood watch report for the period June 13 - 19, 2019, has been included for your review and reference.  During the last seven-day period, the Police Department handled 376 service events, resulting in 72 investigations. 

A copy of the report can be found at the following link: Weekly Neighborhood Watch Report

Return to full list >>