Monrovia Renewal Citizen Advisory Committee

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The Monrovia Renewal Citizen Advisory Committee is a five-member committee established by the City Council whose main responsibilities include monitoring the progress of the Monrovia Renewal project’s implementation and the budget status, as well as working to keep the community informed about the overall Monrovia Renewal project.

The City Council appointed the Citizen Advisory Committee Members in early 2016, who are currently serving in the following positions: 

  • Janet Wall, Chair
  • Keisha Bowen, Vice Chair
  • Bill Shieff, Secretary
  • Daniel Pokrajac, Committee Member

The Monrovia Renewal Citizen Advisory Committee meets to review:

  1. Project administration;
  2. Status of the overall Monrovia Renewal project budget;
  3. Project schedules and coordination of work; and
  4. Public outreach and communication.



Public Works Department
600 S. Mountain Avenue
Monrovia, CA 91016
(626) 932-5575