What are the Requirements?

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That depends on the scope of your project. Monrovia adheres to the 2016 California Building, Residential, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, CalGreen, and Monrovia Municipal Codes.  We review projects to ensure the work:

  • Has a better chance to survive an earthquake
  • Is safe enough to protect life and property for you and your neighbor and help you safely escape when fires occur
  • Eases access to those with disabilities
  • Ensures proper sanitation
  • Verifies proper lighting and ventilation to provide comfort
  • Conserves energy
  • Provides safety to firefighters and emergency responders during emergency operations

Note: Building codes cannot legally regulate standards of workmanship except as it relates to the strength or stability of a structure or the necessary fire resistance of its materials. However,  quality workmanship demonstrated on the plans and in practice as evidenced by going above and beyond code minimum makes the approval process occur more quickly before and during construction (Translation: If your project is designed well and is not ugly, planning and building will approve it more quickly).

Plan Check and Inspections

Our goal is to provide a predictable and efficient plan check and inspection process via a reasoned problem solving approach. We strive for clear and consistent requirements to ensure that all services, processes, procedures and policies are consistently performed to the highest standards. Our priority is to clarify the regulations that trigger most revisions so applicants can make confident design decisions. We aim for flexibility so long as appropriate life safety, performance standards and code requirements are met.