Historic Context Statement

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Monrovia's Historic Context Statement is Approved!

The Monrovia Historic Context Statement was approved by the City Council on April 17, 2018.

What is a context statement you may ask?

A robust historic context is the foundation for identifying, evaluating, and handling historic properties, which will help us make land use decisions. Historic contexts differ from other types of narrative histories because they identify important themes in history and then show how those themes relate to our existing historic properties.

The Monrovia Historic Context Statement is specific to Monrovia and will be used to identify historic architectural themes that are unique to our history. It also shows us how themes in Monrovia and within the region are exemplified in our built environment. We will use the historic context statement to identify existing properties and districts that display each theme. This includes development patterns, cultural topics, or architectural trends.

The links below will take you to the past community presentations, the Historic Preservation Commission study session materials, as well as the adopted Monrovia Historic Context Statement.

Supporting Documents and Presentations