Monrovia Area Partnership (MAP)

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Monrovia recognized that our community’s greatest resource is YOU!

Yes, community-minded residents, business owners, parents, students, pedestrians and patrons – you!  Connecting residents to one another is one of the most successful ways to share information, get plugged into the community and make your home and your neighborhood safe, fun and valuable.

Thank you for  your interest in becoming part of the Monrovia Area Partnership Community!

Get In Touch!

  •  Lauren Davidsmeier                                                                                                                                                  Neighborhood Services Administrative Assistant
     (626) 932-5563
  •  Sheila Spicer-Batice
     Neighborhood & Business  Division Manager
     (626) 932-5586

Neighborhood News

What is happening in YOUR neighborhood? 
Does the City have any upcoming events you can get involved in?
Any tips on topics that mean the most to you?

Check out our newsletter - the Neighborhood News!

Our new and improved quarterly newsletter has all of the above information and more! Check us out and share with your neighbor! Have something going on and want to add it to the newsletter? Email to let us know.

Become a Neighborhood Leader

Attending the MAP Leadership Academy makes you likely the most knowledgeable person in your neighborhood; earning our graduates the title of “Neighborhood Leaders.”

As a Neighborhood Leader, it is your responsibility to share your knowledge, resources and leadership training with those in your neighborhood.  As a cornerstone in your neighborhood, you will be able to educate the local area about how to report crime, graffiti, suspicious activity and whatever else might be happening.  It is your job to help prevent and combat issues that could keep your neighborhood from being safe, secure and beautiful.

Neighborhood Services staff and the MAP team keep in constant communication with Neighborhood Leaders so you will always be informed about upcoming training opportunities, community meetings and local emergencies that might affect your neighborhood.

  • Held annually September – November | Free | Ages 18 +
  • Applications are available starting in July

MAP-edu Community Meetings

MAP Educational Workshops are offered to keep the community educated on current community events and to highlight opportunities for involvement. The public is welcome to attend these workshops to become better informed and to spend time with community partners and neighbors.

In addition to our scheduled programs, MAP creates events and programs during the year in response to new developments in our community. 

MAP Neighborhood Conference

Looking to just dip your toes in the water?  Join us at the annual MAP Neighborhood Conference; a one-day event of fun, food and workshops with other community members who are passionate about sustaining a healthy Monrovia.  The annual MAP Neighborhood Conference is held in April.

See us in Action!

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