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In response to COVID-19, all upcoming Monrovia Area Partnership events are postponed until further notice in effort to preserve the health and well-being of our community. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work towards providing you the same service you have come to expect. Remember, we are in this together and we will soon overcome this!

For more information on how the City of Monrovia is responding to COVID-19 and for additional resources, visit the City of Monrovia’s COVID-19 (Coronavirus) page.

Monrovia Area Partnership Program Events

Events play a crucial role in our sense of belonging, which is why the Monrovia Area Partnership provides a diverse set of events for everyone to attend and enjoy, also to continue the fellowship our community and its members work hard to maintain.

Community Engagement

Anniversary Block Party

MAP’s kick-off party in 2009 held at Julian Fisher Park was the start of our MAP Block Parties. The goal of those block parties was to bring neighbors out to meet with each other, city officials and local organizations. Simply put, they were meant to create a sense of community. The MAP team hosted many such block parties with an increased focus in those neighborhoods that were feeling disengaged from the community. The block parties served to remind not just one neighborhood or street, but the entire community that we're all in this together. Together building a premier community.

 So, what better way to remind folks of this than by throwing an old fashioned block party at Julian Fisher Park. There will be free food, music, games, information booths, raffles,  and most importantly a chance to celebrate this amazing community that we enjoy today.

Neighborhood Treasure Block Party Unveiling

What is the Neighborhood Treasure Program?

Neighborhood Treasures celebrates historically significant Monrovians through the installation of public art pieces in various neighborhoods throughout the community. The Neighborhood Treasures program includes specialized art work that visually represents the life and contributions of the honoree(s) a plaque with information regarding the honoree(s),  and is installed at a location that is significant to the honoree(s). The goal of the program is to enrich the lives of those who view the art and improve neighborhoods by its presence.

Neighborhood Treasures was development by the Monrovia Area Partnership staff, its leaders, Art in Public Places Committee, local artists, and approved by the City Council in 2018.

Where did the idea of the Neighborhood Treasures Program come from?

The Neighborhood Services Division seeks ongoing educational and training opportunities to gain ideas that can be implemented here in Monrovia to increase community engagement.

Every year, staff attends Neighborhoods, USA (NUSA), where our team learns about what other cities within the United States is doing to positively impact their communities. At the 2017 NUSA, the Neighborhood Services staff attended a workshop where another city presented info on their program that honored historic locations and people with small similar monuments that included a plaque with historical information. Neighborhood Services staff thought, what a great idea! But, how can we do something similar in Monrovia?

How did the idea turn into a reality?

The strength of the Monrovia Area Partnership (MAP) program (as the name denotes) is our community partners. Through collaboration with MAP Leaders, Art in Public Places Committee, Local Artists, and City staff, this unique and impactful program came to fruition in 2018. We are now thankful to have celebrated the installation and unveiling five Neighborhood Treasures and are expected to celebrate two more in 2020!

How do we celebrate the Neighborhood Treasure honoree(s)?

In addition to unveiling the Neighborhood Treasure art piece, per MAP fashion, we celebrate the honoree(s) by including a block party celebration! Not only does the community get to see a display of beautiful art to celebrate the unsung hero(s), but also to celebrate that individual/group and the significant impact they made in the community through education, history, food, music, and bringing everyone together!

Community Education

Annual MAP Neighborhood Conference

The Annual MAP Neighborhood Conference is our biggest event of the year, boasting 350+ attendees and growing every year!

The MAP Neighborhood Conference’s goal is to provide the entire community, including the surrounding areas of Monrovia, an opportunity to gain education, information, training, resources, and build relationships with individuals and groups from all different walks of life. In return, we want everyone in attendance to take what they have learned and share it within their community, their work, their neighborhoods, or anywhere it might be needed.

If you are the type of person who loves to gain knowledge about interesting topics, learn about current trends in the community, meet new people, and want to gain motivation to get involved in your community; then mark your calendars to attend.

Neighborhood Conference includes:

  • FREE Workshops
  • FREE Information Fair
  • FREE Health Screenings
  • FREE Food
  • FREE and Open to All

MAP-edu Community Meetings

MAP-edu Community Meetings, previously known as MAP Ed Quarterly Meetings, were initially created as a quarterly meeting for MAP Leaders to stay connected and active upon graduating from our MAP Adult and Youth Leadership Academies.

Today, MAP Leader or not, we encourage everyone in the community to attend! Simply because every community meeting is focused on current trends and topics relevant to what Monrovia or the world in experiences. In addition to the various topics, we invite special guest speakers to come speak and provide information and resources based on the topic. Topics include, but are not limited to, information regarding the Monrovia Area Partnership, Police Department, Fire Department, Development Highlights, City Manager Updates, and more! If you feel like there is a topic you’d like to hear about, submit your suggestion to

If you like to stay informed on the current trends, voice your thoughts, ask questions, and love to network, then this event is for you!

MAP Adult Leadership Academy

The MAP Adult Leadership Academy began in 2009 as a way to get residents in Monrovia an educational opportunity to learn about how local government operates, how to be a leader in your neighborhood, and how to stay active in the community through building valuable relationships with other members in the community. You can be a resident, business owner, or even someone from another City wanting to learn about different ways to incorporate ideas into your community, it does not matter because we invite everyone to come out and be a part of our Monrovia Area Partnership Team!

After the 7 weeks of learning and building relationships, a graduation will be held in front of City Council to honor your accomplishment of officially becoming a MAP Leader. What does it mean to be a MAP Leader? It means that you are a key component and value to our community because your responsibility is to help keep other members of the community informed of what is happening in town and to provide resources or simply answer a question, This is a great opportunity to practice your inner leader and lead by example for those in your neighborhood, your community, your work, EVERYWHERE!

MAP Youth Leadership Academy

The MAP Youth Leadership Academy came shortly after the Adult Leadership Academy in 2011. The difference between the Adult and Youth Leadership Academy is not just the day, but the topics, classes, activities, and assignments are all geared towards youth aging from 11-18.

Completing the 7-week Youth Leadership Academy prepares and equips youth with the necessary skill set that they can use in and outside of school. We offer classes practicing self-care, preparing for job interviews, how local government operates, the importance of volunteering, and resume building.

Neighborhood Improvement

MAP Care for Your Neighbor

The Care For Your Neighbor Program pairs MAP Leaders and volunteers with homeowners by enhancing properties and beautifying neighborhoods throughout the city. The program is developed to help low-income, elderly or disabled homeowners bring their properties into compliance. City Code Enforcement Officials and MAP Leaders help identify program participants, coordinate the proper assistance, and work directly with volunteer groups and neighbors to address code concerns and beautify properties.

MAP, in collaboration with local and regional sponsors, coordinate landscape beautification efforts with our MAP Leaders and volunteers, with the goals of improving participants landscape appearances. This program provides free xeriscape plant material planted by volunteers in the front lawn area spaces of participants who are physically unable to maintain their yard space.  Neighborhood Services and Code Enforcement staff conduct site visits to help identify eligible participants, prepare a landscape plan, gather resources and coordinate the volunteer day to complete the project.

CDBG Residential Rehabilitation Grant Program

The City of Monrovia Residential Rehabilitation Home Improvement Program is a Federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program that provides grants to qualified low to moderate income homeowners of single family detached homes to make needed home improvements. 

Grants of up to $12,500 are available to address code deficiencies, eliminate blight, and improve handicapped accessibility.

A limited number of grants are available and are on a first come first served basis. In order to participate, the property must be located within the City of Monrovia, it must be owner-occupied and a single family detached residence. In addition, the household income must not exceed the low-moderate income limits. 

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