MAP Neighborhood Outreach Initiative

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The City of Monrovia’s MAP Neighborhood Outreach Initiative is a comprehensive approach to delivering public services and assistance to residents of Monrovia. Launched in early 2015, The Neighborhood Outreach Initiative Program was developed as a way for our MAP Neighborhood Leaders to contribute to the continued improvement of their neighborhoods and communities.

The objectives of the MAP program are to eliminate crime and blight while empowering neighborhoods by fostering citizen activism, volunteerism and community pride. MAP incorporates an innovative philosophy that transcends departmental barriers and coordinates public/private resources. This partnership has continued to provide a high level of community support with ongoing program initiatives to enhance our neighborhoods.

MAP Care for Your Neighbor Program

The Care for Your Neighbor Program pairs caring MAP Neighborhood Leaders and volunteers with homeowners to build community by enhancing properties and beautifying neighborhoods throughout the city. The program is developed to help low-income, elderly or disabled homeowners bring their properties into compliance. City Code Enforcement Officials and MAP Neighborhood Leaders help identify program participants, coordinate the proper assistance, and work directly with volunteer groups and neighbors to address code concerns and beautify properties.

Our Plan:

MAP, in collaboration with local and regional sponsors, will coordinate landscape beautification efforts with our MAP Neighborhood Leaders and volunteers, with the goals of improving participants’ landscape appearances. This program will provide free xeriscape plant material with the promise that community groups will plant in the front lawn area spaces of participants who are physically unable to maintain their yard space.

City staff will conduct site visits to identify eligible participants, work with local resources to prepare landscape plans, and provide planting maintenance technical training to help coordinate and guide volunteers for their planting projects.

MAP Residential Rehabilitation Project

The Mission of the MAP Residential Rehabilitation Project is to assist single-family owner occupied homeowners in enhancing their properties, which will serve to beautify neighborhoods throughout the City.

Our Plan:

The MAP Residential Rehabilitation Project will help low-income, elderly or disabled homeowners bring their properties into code compliance. City employees help identify potential program participants and then match them with community resources, which include CDBG grants, MAP Leaders volunteers, along with other local volunteer organization resources to address code concerns and beautify their property and neighborhoods.