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Art in Public Places

Updated on 02/25/2019 2:56 PM

Our Art in Public Places program applies to residential development projects involving five or more dwelling units and costing more than $1 million, or commercial, office or other developments costing more than $1 million. For those projects, a fee is paid to the City or applied to art work in an amount equal to 1% of the project cost. Each application for the installation of an artwork is reviewed initially by the Art in Public Places Committee who makes a recommendation to the City Council. The Committee acts as an advisory body to the City Council.

Art in Public Places Committee Members

  • Mayor Tom Adams, City Council
  • Bill Shieff, Planning Commission
  • Nancy Matthews, Community Services Commission
  • Marianne Lee, Historic Preservation Commission
  • Vicki Novell, Resident-at-large

Old Town Monrovia's New Trash Bins Embrace the Past


Perhaps you have noticed Monrovia’s decorated recycling bins with historic photos of Old Town…in Old Town.  These receptacles, called “Bigbellies”, are impressive by themselves, but they were also given the Monrovia touch.  Partnering with Art in Public Places, they became a canvas to showcase Monrovia’s rich history.  Through a collage of historic photos, each Bigbelly illustrates Old Town through the years.  The photos were provided by the Monrovia Legacy Project.  This artwork really captures the Monrovia spirit bringing out our local color…even though they are in black and white. 

In case you have not seen these great pictures, here’s a closer look at the historic photos

Want to learn more?  Get a full description of all the pictures.

Bob Bartlett Memorial

The Bob Bartlett Memorial stands to not only represent his life, but the lasting impact that his life has had on the city he cared so deeply for, revealing to future generations how much of a difference one life can make.

Bartlett MosiacBartlett Mosiac 2

The panels of the sculpture are made out of Cor-Ten Steel. Secured to the panels are five separate mosaics, each commemorating significant chapters in the Bob Bartlett story:

  1. The Mayor:  His service as Monrovia's mayor.
  2. All-America City:  Monrovia's selection as an All-America City under his leadership.
  3. Old Town Monrovia:  The preservation and revitalization of Old Town Monrovia.
  4. Equity:  The equality and inclusiveness he represented.
  5. Bus:  The major role in the development of the Foothill Transit.

The mosaics themselves will be cast using the reverse Byzantine technique which has truly stood the test of time in ancient cities where mosaics have remained intact. The glass stones which lie nestled against each other in the grout never lose their color or sheen, while the Cor-Ten steel which supports them only ages more beautifully with time.

Bob was a man with an eternal love for his hometown, and the unshakable gall and steel memorial will forever speak of that timelessness. It is my sincere hope that this memorial pays the respect that Bob Bartlett deserves, and shows to all of Monrovia and those visiting that this is a city which honors its own. Bob saw many great and beautiful things in this place - it is only fitting that he be remembered with one.

- Carole Choucair Oveijan, Bob Bartlett Memorial Artist

Bob Bartlett Memorial Recognized as One of the Top 19 Best Architectural and Site-Specific Mosaics in the World by the Mosaic Arts International

The 18th annual Mosaic Arts International Exhibition Series selected the Bob Bartlett Memorial as one of only 19 architectural and site-specific mosaics from around the world to be recognized.  This means that renderings of the mosaic art-work located in Station Square will be on display in Nashville, TN, from January 26 – May 19 as part of a special exhibits containing mosaic works from across the globe.

 The segment that the Bob Bartlett Memorial was recognized in was juried by Kim Emerson, Award Winning Public Artist and Founder of the San Diego Mosaic School, San Diego, California, USA.  Furthermore, the 19 installations selected will be represented at the Nashville Public Library Art Gallery through print and digital images, video, and a collection of ephemera provided by the artists.  Materials on display will including drawings, sketchbooks, materials samples and tools that will provide visitors a unique perspective into the process of creating a large-scale mosaic work.  The exhibition features the works of 19 artists from the United States, Canada, Australia, and Brazil.  For more information, visit the 2019 Mosaic Arts International Exhibition Series online.

Calls for Artists

We need artists! Once the Committee approves a public art project, we then go through the process of selecting an artist. Be sure to check back here if you are interested in having your work considered for upcoming Art in Public Places programs:

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