Sidewalk Poetry

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20180710_094537_resizedImagine you are walking along a sidewalk in Monrovia and you come across a poem stamped in the concrete.

Now imagine it’s a poem you wrote!

In October 2016, the City Council approved an Art in Public Places program to stamp Monrovia residents' original poems into newly-poured sidewalks all over town. This program will work in conjunction with ongoing sidewalk repair or be incorporated into development projects where new sidewalk panels are installed or replaced.  Since the program follows the repair needs, the poems will be placed randomly to create an “element of surprise” for pedestrians.  While sidewalk installation and repair are an ongoing and sporadic activity, Monrovia Renewal provides an opportunity to accelerate the implementation of this program. Many of  2018's winning poems have already stamped, so keep your eyes peeled when you take your walks - you never know where the next poem will turn up! 

The 2020 Sidewalk Poetry Contest is NOW OPEN!

Annual Sidewalk Poetry Contest Winners Announced!

Thank you to everyone who applied to the City's Second Annual Sidewalk Poetry Contest!

Please see our list of 2019 Poetry Contest winners below. 

All poems that have been stamped can be found below with the address on where to find the poem. As you walk through your City, be sure to look down and check them out!


Contact Kerri Zessau at (626) 932-5564 or email