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The Development Spotlight is a single place where you can learn about upcoming development projects in Monrovia.

Knowing that growth is going to happen, Monrovia has taken very proactive steps to ensure that it is strategic and in the right places. For the past five decades, the City has been implementing a long term plan to build the Monrovia of the future. Well, the future is here and Monrovia is where people want to be.

What is important to understand is that our long term vision encompasses a balance between growth and preservation. Economic growth is important for maintaining a healthy and vibrant community. It keeps Monrovia vital and relevant, making it a desirable place to live, work, and play.

Preservation on the other hand, nods to the importance and value that the character of our neighborhoods contribute to making Monrovia... well, Monrovia. Many years ago, Monrovia's leaders set into motion a plan to allow growth in targeted areas while preserving those parts of Monrovia that define its character - our neighborhoods.

That plan, which has adjusted with the times, still serves as the blueprint. If all the changes seems a little overwhelming at times, we can understand why! Change is inevitable and planning is not about preventing change, it's focused on managing change. However, it is important to remember, that is what Monrovia has planned for and we are prepared to meet the future!

Below are links to dedicated pages that contain all of the relevant documents for each development project currently under review.

Learn About Our Vision & Ways We're Addressing Impacts

Visit to learn about the City's vision for new developments around Station Square, and the steps the City is taking to reduce the potential impacts from these developments.

The City Council recently adopted a Traffic Impact Fee (TIF). Read more about the TIF.

Approved Projects

Questions / Comments

We encourage you to provide us with your comments and input on the development projects under review! Please send your questions or comments to