Open Space Element

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Beginning with the hillside planning process in the 1990s, through the 2000s with an aggressive acquisition plan, and the development and ultimate adoption of the Hillside Wilderness Preserve Resource Management Plan (RMP) in 2012, Monrovia has been engaged in a three-decade long conversation about open space in the community. Throughout these processes, there has been a considerable amount of input and feedback from Monrovians.

Based on direction from the City Council, the Community Services Commission began work on a Park Master Plan to guide future decisions related to the City’s public parks.  This process has incorporated a substantial amount of public input.  As this is directly related to the goals and policies of the Open Space Element of the General Plan, it seemed like a great opportunity to update the Element concurrently.

The City Council approved the Park Master Plan and the Open Space Element at their meeting on April 17, 2018. To view the documents, please click on the links below.  

Supporting Documents