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"Signs, signs everywhere there's signs..." or so the song goes.  Cities like Monrovia regulate signage to keep that from becoming true.  We agree signage is an important component of businesses' identity and the intent of the City's standards are to establish a balance between business identification and moderate, attractive sign display.  The key word is balance.  Everything you want to know about Monrovia's sign regulations are contained in Title 17, Chapter 17.28 of the Municipal Code. There are also several handouts available in the Document Library.

It's a lot of information and we're here to help.  Therefore, if you are considering a new sign, or making changes to an existing sign, the following steps will assist you in following the process:

  • Contact a City Planner-in person, over the phone, or by email -your choice.  The Planner can discuss various sign options with you, as well as guide you to the necessary specifications and related handouts. This step is very important since some areas of Monrovia have different sign standards than others.
  • Design your sign. (Need a company? We can't recommend, but shop local is our motto.  Try the Monrovia Chamber of Commerce.)
  • Once the design is done, contact a City Planner about the sign submittal process.  If the sign design meets the standards for your area of the City, it is ready to be submitted for review by the Development Review Committee (DRC).
  • After DRC approves your sign, all you need to do is pull your building permit and install your sign.


Speaking of signs....Please remember real estate and/or open house signs cannot be placed on any parkways or sidewalks. You may place a real estate and/or open house sign on a private property with permission from the property owner. View more information on real estate and open house signs.