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Imagine if your neighbor's house was for sale and the owner of a fast food restaurant purchased the property.  You might say, "So what? As long she's a good neighbor, it's fine with me."  What if the new owner plans to knock down the home and build a 24-hour drive through eatery in its place?  Would that affect your quality of life?  You bet!  Think of the impact the noise, traffic congestion, and fried food smell would have on your neighborhood.

The primary purpose of zoning is to separate uses that may be incompatible, such as residential and heavy industrial uses.  Cities use zoning ordinances to classify and minimize potential conflicts between uses.  But you might ask, "Who decides that?"  In Monrovia, it is the collaborative effort of residents, City Council, Planning Commission, Development Review Committee (DRC), and City Staff.

Zoning land uses are traditionally divided into basic use categories, such as residential, commercial, and industrial uses.  However, the total number and definition of zoning districts can vary from one jurisdiction to another based on need and preference.  Monrovia's zoning requirements are contained in the Zoning Ordinance, which is Title 17 of the Monrovia Municipal Code.  The City's Official Zoning Map identifies every property within the City and divides areas into zoning districts or "zones".  The zoning ordinance establishes the rules for development within each zone, both for structures and uses.

Two other land use tools that Monrovia uses are Specific Plans and Planned Development Areas.  Specific Plans address a wide range of planning issues including open space, transportation, and utility needs to guide development over a defined area.  Planned Development Areas are used in certain areas of Monrovia to offer additional development guidelines beyond those established in the Zoning Code.

Looking to find out zoning information about a specific property in Monrovia?  Go to the About My House page to find out how, or use the Interactive Zoning Map below.


Feel free to contact Planning if you have any questions about zoning.  We're happy to help!  If your property is located in the unincorporated part of Monrovia, which is outside of the City's jurisdiction, please contact the County's San Gabriel Valley Building and Safety office at 125 S. Baldwin Avenue in Arcadia. 

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