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Monrovia Fire to Now Offer $100 Gift Cards to Victims Displaced by Emergency

One of only three cities in Southern California to offer the SAVE program, October 2, 2014



MONROVIA – On October 1, Monrovia Fire & Rescue initiated a new program in collaboration with the Monrovia Firefighters' Association and the State of California Fire Foundation to offer $100 gift cards to victims displaced by fire or other emergency.

The new program, SAVE, Supplying Aid to Victims of Emergency (SAVE), allows Monrovia Fire & Rescue to offer emergency financial assistance to fire and natural disaster victims while on the scene of an emergency.  Working with the California Fire Foundation, Monrovia is one of only three fire agencies in Southern California to offer this kind of assistance.  The cities of Long Beach and Anaheim were also chosen.

Monrovia’s on-duty Division Chief now carries a packet and is authorized to activate the gift cards, 24-hours a day, thereby providing temporary assistance for basic necessities such as food, clothing, medicine or overnight housing at a local hotel for Monrovians.

Monrovia Firefighters' Association (MFA) was a driving force behind this program.  “This is truly a great endeavor to further aid and comfort our residents that are impacted by disasters,” said former MFA President Brad Dover.  “As firefighters, we are uniquely positioned to offer a helping hand of support in the immediate aftermath of a catastrophic loss.  Firefighters want to do more than just put out fires- We want to serve even after the fire is out.”

According to the California Fire Foundation “Firefighters working with CFF on the SAVE program provide assurance that those impacted by disaster will receive instant, direct relief, before, during and after the alarm.”

“I’m certainly proud of this new program and although we hope no one in our community needs to use the SAVE program, we are certainly grateful for the opportunity to provide financial support for those immediate needs following an emergency,” said former Fire Chief Chris Donovan.

The California Fire Foundation is a not for profit 501(c)(3). Funding for the SAVE program comes from both private and corporate donations. The largest corporation to specifically support the SAVE program is Chevron, Inc.