Community Wildfire Protection Plan

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chapter_abstract140414The Monrovia Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) is a living document, aimed at protecting life safety, homes and infrastructure adjacent to and surrounding Monrovia’s natural hillside.

The concept of Community Wildfire Protection Planning arose from the 2003 Healthy Forests Restoration Act in which, among other actions, recommended steps to make communities fire resilient was encouraged.

The Monrovia Hillside Wilderness Preserve Resource Management Plan (RMP) supports the CWPP as a natural next step in implementing best management practices related to protecting Monrovia’s hillsides and natural resources in our efforts to create a fire safe community.

Residents at the meeting will be provided opportunities to give comments and input to Monrovia’s Community Wildfire Protection Plan.

Monrovia is a community at the Wildland-Urban Interface, popularly called the WUI.  This is where human development meets the wildland areas. As a result, we acknowledge that Monrovia is a community at risk from wildfire and that damage or expense to our community may increase if we do not take steps to mitigate those hazards related to wildfire.

The Monrovia CWPP evaluates the risks and hazards and then sets forth actions that the community can undertake to reduce risks of wildfire and/or minimize damage if a wildfire occurs, while creating an educational resource to help interpret the emerging science of wildfire protection.

Monrovia’s CWPP was developed in the context of a particular commitment to protecting unique community environmental and historic preservation values. Based on the mandate from the RMP, and recognizing that in our community natural resource management and wildfire safety are linked, the CWPP evaluates strong fire safety actions with needed environmental stewardship to strike a balance unique to Monrovia.

Finally, this CWPP was prepared to meet the definition set forth under the Healthy Forests Restoration Act, which provides improved access to Federal and State grant resources.

To that end, the Monrovia CWPP was developed collaboratively, addressing vegetation and structural ignitability while providing prioritized recommendations for building sustainability, defensible space, and fuel reduction projects.

For inquiries, contact Monrovia Fire & Rescue at 626-256-8181.

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