Permits and Fees

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Monrovia Fire & Rescue Department Fees

*Failure to obtain permit and approval from the Fire Department results in double fees*

Development Review Committee No additional cost. See Planning Division for fees. 

Site Plan Review (Pre-Planning)

Hourly cost charged at time of building plan review.
Building Plan Review Base fee of $250.00 plus potential impact fee.
Fire Protection System Permit & Plan Review Base fee of $250.00 plus $18.00 per device and/or parts for all projects.
Garage Fire Sprinkler Permit $70.00
Photovoltaic Systems Plan Review $170.00
Microfilming of Plans $2.00/plan sheet; $0.25/8-½" x 11"
Re-inspections as per CAC Section 305.8 Per inspection $65.53
Hydrant Flow Test for Commercial Projects (conducted by either)

Approved Sprinkler System Consultant - $82.00

Conducted by Fire Department - $180.00

Fire Protection system Modification or Changes Inspection $170.00 base fee plus $15.00 per device

For more information, contact:

Laura Bednar, Inspector