Welcome to City of Monrovia Human Resources, a division within the City Manager’s Office. Our team of dedicated staff coordinates activities related to recruitment benefits, training and professional development, workplace safety, and wellness programs for all of our employees.

Employment with the City of Monrovia

As employees of the City organization, our mission is to serve the people of Monrovia and to create a community that offers a premier quality of life. To achieve this, we have adopted as our organizational values a commitment to serve with Humility, Hunger, Loyalty, and Smarts. We believe that individuals who genuinely possess these values help achieve our mission for the community. 

Humility is our greatest and most indispensable virtue. Those who are humble make great team players because they care primarily for the overall success of the team. Those who demonstrate hunger seek out better ways to do things and don’t shy away from a challenge.  An individual demonstrates loyalty to the organizational mission by supporting team members, and by challenging and disagreeing, in a healthy way, to arrive at the best service or solution.  Lastly, being smart is not just about intellectual capacity, but about interpersonal capacity. Those who are smart are aware that their words and actions have an impact on others in the group and communicate effectively to create consensus. 

By embracing our values, we help ensure that Monrovia continues to be the brightest gem in the crown that is the San Gabriel Valley!