Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How are employment applications processed?

    When a candidate submits an employment application, it is reviewed for:

    • Completed content
    • Candidate's employment history and qualifications
    • Responses to supplemental questions (if applicable)
    • Supporting documents (if applicable)
  • How long is the recruitment process?

    The length of a recruitment is generally approximately 6 weeks, but may vary based on the needs and schedule of the hiring department. Recruitment for sworn and civilian police and fire positions take longer because of the testing and background investigation processes.

  • Do you have questions regarding ADA?

    Please click here for more information on ADA.
  • I submitted my application online. Do I need to mail or hand deliver a paper application?

    No. Once your application is submitted electronically to Human Resources, you will receive a confirmation email that it has been received.

  • When will I receive email notification updates of my status?

    Within two weeks of the application deadline, you will be informed of your status in the process. You will either be invited for testing and/or interview or be notified that others were more qualified to continue in the process.

  • If I take and pass a written exam, but am not invited to an interview, do I need to re-apply when the position is available again?


  • If I fail a written exam and/or interview, may I re-apply when the position is available again?

    Yes. You may re-apply for the same position or another position at any time.

  • What is a passing score on written exams and in interviews?

    The passing score is 70 out of 100.

  • What is an eligibility list?

    An eligibility list is a list of candidates who successfully complete all phases of the application process. This list generally stays in effect for six months.

  • I am on an eligibility list. Now what?

    It depends on how many other candidates are on the list. Some, but not necessarily all candidates, will be invited to interview with representatives of the hiring department.

  • What happens if I am not invited to interview?

    You will remain on the eligibility list and will be notified that another candidate was selected.

  • What happens if I am the selected candidate?

    If you are selected to join our team in Monrovia, you will receive a conditional offer of employment. You will receive a final offer of employment once you have successfully completed a medical exam (including drug/alcohol screen), background check and/or psychological exam, if any.

  • When will my references be contacted?

    Once you and the hiring department have established mutual interest, your references will be contacted. This will occur prior to a conditional offer of employment is presented.

  • What does it mean to work for the City of Monrovia? Will I like it?

    We are very selective in who we hire and strive to insure a "good fit" for both you and for us. Monrovia employees are humble, hungry, loyal, and smart. We work extremely hard but have lots of fun, too!