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Project Background

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The City of Monrovia is undertaking an initiative known as Monrovia Renewal, a comprehensive infrastructure improvement program aimed at making citywide repairs to our water pipelines and facilities, sewer pipelines, streets, and sidewalks.

Monrovia Renewal is a citywide infrastructure renewal project to address the following:

  • Repair or replace all necessary water pipelines and water production facilities,
  • Repair or replace all necessary sewer pipelines,
  • Repair or replace every street with a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) rating of less than Satisfactory (Under 70 on the 0 - 100 rating scale), and fix all curb, gutter, and sidewalk deficiencies, and
  • Develop and implement an ongoing infrastructure maintenance program.

Integrating the Water, Sewer, and Street Master Plans to Develop Monrovia Renewal

Development of Monrovia Renewal began in 2014 when the City commissioned three separate master plans for the water system, sewer system, and streets. These plans identified what repairs and improvements need to occur to address aging infrastructure concerns and deferred maintenance, and to keep these systems fully operational going forward.

In order to conduct the necessary repairs as efficiently as possible, City staff integrated the findings from these master plans into the Monrovia Renewal project, resulting in:

  • Lower overall project costs
  • Coordinated work so that streets don't need to be torn into and repaired multiple times
  • Savings through achieving economies of scale

Overall, the Monrovia Renewal plan identified an estimated $51.7 million in needed repairs and improvements.

Monrovia Renewal Budget Overview

Based on the preliminary designs, the overall Monrovia Renewal project can be broken down into the following cost estimates.

Project Fund
Estimated Cost
Water Fund $23.3 M
Sewer Fund $13.6 M
Streets (Proposition C and Measure R) $14.8 M
Total $51.7 M 

Water & Sewer Rate Adjustment to Fund Improvements

On July 21, 2015, the City Council directed staff to move forward with the Monrovia Renewal project and initiate the Proposition 218 process to consider water and sewer rate adjustments to fund needed water and sewer system repairs. Prior to this adjustment, water and sewer rates had not been adjusted since 2006.

The new water and sewer rates take into consideration both the City’s ongoing operating costs and necessary capital improvements to our water and sewer infrastructure. From an operating perspective, the rate adjustments take into consideration the fact that the City must, on an annual basis, purchase additional water rights from those agencies that draw groundwater from the adjudicated San Gabriel Groundwater Basin. During Fiscal Year 2014-15, the City in fact had to spend an additional $948,930 to purchase 1,500 acre feet of water rights for Monrovia customers. In addition, the rate adjustments also take into account the capital improvement projects that have been identified through Monrovia Renewal.

Street improvements are funded through restricted transportation funds the City receives from L.A. County.

Explore the Improvements Coming to Your Neighborhood!

To improve efficiency and shorten the construction time spent in each area, Monrovia has been divided into six segments. Construction will occur in each segment according to the timeline below:

  • Southwest and Southeast - 2016 - 2017
  • Northwest - 2017 - 2018
  • South and North - 2018 - 2019
  • Northeast - 2019 - 2020

The overall Monrovia Renewal Construction Map shows the six segments and the specific construction tentatively planned for each neighborhood. A few things to keep in mind when reading this map:

  • Specific streets and type of street work (color) are subject to change as our engineering team finalizes the design work prior to construction.
  • This map only indicates street work that is being done, not the water and sewer pipeline repairs that will happen prior to the street repairs. About half of the highlighted streets will receive some type of water or sewer repairs.
  • Highlighted streets represent those streets that were surveyed and had a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) rating of less than Satisfactory (Under 70 on a scale of 100).
  • Streets that are not highlighted had a Satisfactory or above rating (71+) and will not be repaired at this time. However, as part of Monrovia Renewal, we are developing a Pavement Management System to track pavement condition and when the last repairs occurred to facilitate proactive, ongoing maintenance.