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Crime Mapping

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Crime Mapping: Access Up-to-Date Information on Crimes in Your Area

Crime Mapping technology allows you to get detailed information on crimes in your area, such as vandalism, theft, assaults or burglary. A well-informed citizenry has been proven effective in reducing crime.

Crime Mapping strengthens community-oriented policing efforts, increases transparency by promoting trust, and improves safety through the use of technology.™ helps law enforcement agencies throughout North America provide the public with valuable information about recent crime activity within their neighborhood. 

  • Analyze crime activity within a radius of any location, such as place of residence, business, or school
  • Display the distance from any crime to any address of interest
  • Generate simple interactive reports that allow for instant sorting as well as hyperlinks back to our intuitive mapping area
  • View current records - An automated import process ensures that the crime data shown is always up to date
  • Jump quickly to any other agency and connect to other local public safety resources through the Agencies tab
  • Filter by crime type as well as date reported in order to focus on specific patterns
  • Plot only incidents for the agency you want to view using the Agency Filters
  • Receive free Crime Alerts via e-mail
  • Pan between areas and compare crime activity by community

Learn more about how to use Crime Mapping by watching the video below.