Living With Wildlife

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coyote-7938The foothills above Monrovia are occupied by wildlife: bears, coyotes, deer, mountain lions, and bobcats. Sometimes these wild animals venture out of the foothills and into residential neighborhoods. Most of the time, the wildlife comes and goes without notice.

bear_in_monrovia_photoOccasionally, wildlife ventures down into the city and becomes a potential danger to humans. Police will respond when called to a wildlife sighting, and in most incidents, the primary goal is to allow the animal to leave the area and return back to the foothills. In most incidents, the officer's presence, use of vehicles, horns, beanbag rounds, is sufficient to encourage the animal to leave the area. To discourage wildlife from coming down into Monrovia neighborhoods, residents need to keep food, trash and sources out of reach of wildlife.

mountain_lion_photoThe Department of Fish and Game offers tips on dealing with wildlife. They also offer good information on how to respond when faced with an actual encounter with wildlife. Click on the links to the brochures provided by the Department of Fish and Game that deal specifically with mountain lions, black bears, and other wildlife. More and more, people and wildlife are occupying the same geographical areas; learn how to live responsibly with the wildlife around your neighborhood.