How do I file a complaint?

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Filing a Complaint 

Any person may make a complaint concerning the conduct of a Police Department employee by speaking with a supervisor or manager. Some community members’ concerns may be of a minor nature and can be addressed by a supervisor in an informal way. Concerns or complaints of a more serious nature will warrant a formal investigation. A person may initiate a formal investigation by filling out the below form and delivering it to the Monrovia Police Department or by addressing a letter with their concern or complaint to:

Chief of Police
Monrovia Police Department
140 E. Lime Avenue
Monrovia, CA 91016

What happens next?

Once a formal complaint is received by the Chief of Police, it will be assigned for investigation. A thorough investigation will be conducted and will many times include an interview of the person making the complaint in order to obtain all relevant information. The investigation will include interviewing those individuals who may be witnesses to the incident and the collection of evidence when appropriate.

If it is determined that the employee’s conduct was criminal in nature, the case will be forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office for consideration on filing criminal charges. If it is determined that the employee’s conduct was a violation of Police Department policy, they will receive discipline through the Department’s disciplinary procedures. If it is determined that the employee’s conduct was appropriate, based on the circumstances, no disciplinary action will be taken.


Complaint Process and Form