Parking Permit Information and Application

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There are four types of parking permits available in the City: Resident Annual Permit, 30-day Temporary Permit, One Day/Night Permit, and RV Permit, as described below.

To obtain a permit, please complete the application and return it to the Police Department, 140 E. Lime Avenue.

 New Rules in Effect for RV Overnight Parking & Permitting Requirements

On September 18, 2018, the City Council voted to approve modifications to the parking permit programs in the community. This includes a new RV permit and guest permit for overnight parking, as well as the removal of permit requirements on select streets. Please read below for more information, or you can read the full City Council agenda report here.

Resident – Annual Overnight or Restricted Times Parking Permit 

$30.00 annually

Annual Overnight and Restricted Times parking permits are available to those residents who do not have adequate parking for currently registered and fully operable vehicles owned and operated by a resident.  Vehicles that have a PNO (non-operation registration) may not be parked on city streets. The permit is a hang tag which may be used on different vehicles according to the need of the resident. The permit must be displayed hanging from the rear view mirror at all times while parked on the city street in the permitted zone. A parking permit does not relieve the operator of the vehicle from abiding by any other municipal or vehicle code. Vehicles must be moved for street sweeping on the regularly scheduled day. Permits may only be used for the zone they are issued for and are non-transferable. There is a limit of two (2) annual permits per residential address. No commercial vehicles or vehicles with a weight over 6,000 lbs. may be parked on city streets.

Permits are renewable annually on or before the final day of the month the permit was issued for. No renewal notice will be sent. Payment may be made by check, cash, money order or credit card at the front counter of the police department from 8 a.m. to midnight daily. Permit fees are non-refundable.

30 Day Temporary Parking Permits

$15.00 for 30 days

A temporary permit is available for the authorized guests of a resident for a continuous 30 days. This permit may be renewed one time and the renewal may be for a different 30 day period non-continuous to the original 30 day permit. The permit may not be converted to a resident annual permit and no credit will be given toward an annual permit; all fees are non-refundable. This permit is a paper form which must be displayed on the driver side dash of the vehicle each night or the vehicle is subject to citation.

One Day or Night Parking Permit 

$3.00 one day (24 hours) only

A temporary permit associated with a currently registered and operational vehicle may be purchased. This is a paper permit you must place so it is visible in the front driver side window/dash area of the vehicles.

Updated Permit Requirements as of September 18, 2018
At their September 18 meeting, the City Council voted to remove permit locations on specific streets, based upon feedback from residents and the recommendation of the Police Chief:

Overnight permit parking requirements on the following streets have been eliminated:

  • Monrovista Avenue, between Shamrock Avenue and California Avenue
  • The north side of Hurstview Avenue, between Shamrock Avenue and California Avenue
  • Cypress Avenue, between Myrtle Avenue and Shamrock Avenue
  • Cherry Avenue, between Myrtle Avenue and Sherman Avenue
  • Los Angeles Avenue, between Myrtle Avenue and Shamrock Avenue
  • Ivy Avenue, between Huntington Drive and Los Angeles Avenue
  • California Avenue, between Huntington Drive and Los Angeles Avenue
  • Sherman Avenue, between Cypress Avenue and Los Angeles Avenue
  • Montana Avenue between Myrtle Avenue and Primrose Avenue
  • East Cypress Avenue, between California Avenue and Shamrock Avenue

Overnight RV Permit/RV Guest Permit Parking 

Effective November 1, 2018

$5.00 per day; valid for up to 3 days

Effective November 1, 2018, RV owners are required to purchase a "RV Permit" or a "RV Guest Permit" for non-residents to park their RVs overnight on city streets. 

To file an application for an RV Permit, the resident or entity who owns the RV is required to provide the appropriate vehicle information and a signature agreeing to all terms and conditions of the permit, including limiting one RV permit for each residential address in the city. 

RV Guest Permits can be issued for a residential address for no more than six total calendar days in a one-month period, provided that all conditions set forth in the ordinance are met.  A RV guest permit requires the same vehicle information, along with the signature of the city resident / property owner who agrees to the terms and conditions of the RV guest permit on their guests’ behalf.  The permits allow the RV guest owner to park along the curb within the same block as the residence / property listed on the application for which the permit was issued.

As a matter of public safety and MMC, the permit does not exempt the RV owner from parking in unauthorized locations or manner that is otherwise prohibited by this code or by the California Vehicle Code, including street sweeping days.  Permittees must also abide by the list of activities prohibited, such as utilizing cords, hoses, and cables that cross a parkway, street, or sidewalk; using external power sources without limitation; or connecting to the public sewer system.  If the Permittee does not follow the guidelines, parking citations may be issued pursuant to Chapter 10.17 “Parking Citation Processing” of the MMC.  If the Permittee receives three parking citations, the Chief of Police or his designee may revoke their permit.

Other circumstances where the Chief of Police or his designee has the authority to revoke RV permits and RV guest permits are if the Permittee’s RV becomes inoperable, falls into a state of disrepair, or violates Chapter 10 of the Monrovia Municipal Code.

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