Homeless Response

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Homelessness is a high priority issue that is not going to be solved overnight.  The City of Monrovia, like every other city in the state is dealing with how to provide assistance to homeless individuals that will accept the help.  The City’s goal is to assist homeless community members to available services in the effort to better their situation.

In response to homelessness issues in the City, a Homelessness Working Group of assorted city staff was formed to brainstorm, coordinate and initiate efforts.  Priorities for dealing with the issue of homelessness have been established and are being undertaken.

Priority 1: Help those that are truly in need. 

The City can connect any individual suffering from homelessness to a social service support network if so desired.  The Monrovia Police Department is well versed and distributes a listing of available services to homeless individuals in the community.  The department also fields a 2-person Homeless Outreach Team to have regular contact with our homeless population to offer support services.  We regularly work with the Foothill Unity Center, a local non-profit organization, to connect those in need with services and much needed items such as food and clothing. Visit the Foothill Unity Center's Website for more information.

For individuals with mental health needs, the department works with a clinician from Los Angeles County Mental Health to provide service, information, and care.

For homeless individuals interested in achieving a permanent housing solution, the Department coordinates with the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority. Visit the LAHSA website. 

The City is currently in the process of promoting a Highlight Directed Giving Campaign geared at educating the community to donate with confidence to a local service provider.  Signage and meters will be strategically placed within our community to make donating easy and secure.

Priority 2: Make infrastructure changes at Library Park. 

The City will be undertaking environmental design changes at Library Park to lessen the impact that resistive homeless (individuals that refuse help or services) are having on the rest of the community.  Landscape and hardscape in the Park will be upgraded, as well as an increased use in public art pieces.

Priority 3: Enhance law enforcement presence and response.

The Monrovia Police Department will continue to enforce all laws and regulations, especially quality-of-life laws such as Vandalism, Littering, Smoking in City Parks, as well as drug and alcohol use violations.

The Monrovia Police Department encourages all community members to contact us or the Community Center to answer questions about homelessness or help with direction for those willing to accept assistance. We will continue to do everything the law allows to help others and ensure a safe environment for all community members.