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Public Works is responsible for operating the City's water and sewer utilities, maintaining safe streets, sidewalks, and transportation options, taking care of the City's eight parks and other green spaces, providing a variety of environmental services, and maintaining all public facilities, such as City Hall, the Library, and the Community Center. We strive to provide the highest level of service to Monrovia residents and businesses.

The mission of Public Works is to maintain the City’s infrastructure around the clock, 365 days a year within a balanced budget, utilizing all resources and highly-trained personnel.

The City’s infrastructure provides Monrovians with their basic needs, ranging from streets for transportation, traffic signals to convey vehicles and pedestrians, water for essential consumption, trees and landscaping for beautification/aesthetics, city buildings providing public service, illumination of street lights for visibility/safety, storm drains for water run-off,  trash & waste disposal, and parks for morale/welfare recreation.

Our department is organized into three divisions: Operations, Field Services and Utilities. We are responsible for all planning, construction, and maintenance of the City’s public infrastructure to create a premier physical environment for the benefit of the City.


The Operations Division is responsible for the planning, engineering and design, inspection, and construction management of the City’s Capital Improvement Projects. The City is pursuing a robust Capital Improvement Program that includes Monrovia Renewal in addition to approximately 60 CIP projects related to improvements of the City’s streets, sidewalks, traffic signals, street lighting, storm drains, and the sewer and water systems. Engineering services are provided through a partnership of contract services and City staff. The Operations Section staff is responsible for oversight of all City projects, including design, management, and inspection, and reviews all plans and construction for private development projects.

Field Services

The Field Services Division is divided into three primary areas of responsibility: Parks, Facilities, and Streets.

Parks: Responsible for the maintenance of the City’s 8 park sites (equivalent to approximately 122 acres), all of the play equipment, the Skate Park, and the landscaping and turf around City Hall, Youth Center and the Museum gardens. Additional areas of responsibility include all median and parkway landscaping, maintenance and trash pickup in Old Town, and oversight and maintenance of the City’s urban forest. Parks staff also provides oversight of the graffiti abatement program.

Facilities: Responsible for the routine maintenance, repairs, and improvements for 17 City-owned buildings. Staff performs a number of duties and services in addition to overseeing several maintenance contracts including janitorial services, security systems, and HVAC maintenance. This section is also responsible for the oversight and maintenance of the City’s equipment fleet, street lights, and traffic signals.

Streets: Responsible for the 90 miles of streets and 12 miles of alleys, repairing and maintaining street right-of-ways, filling potholes, replacing damaged sidewalks/curbs/gutters, grinding and/or filling high spots, repairing tripping hazards, cleaning storm water catch basins and open channels, and administering the City’s Street Sweeping program. In addition, the Streets Section is responsible for painting all of traffic and roadway markings and maintaining 8,500 traffic signs.


The Utilities Division is divided into four distinct areas of responsibilities: Maintenance, Production, Customer Service and Sewer Maintenance.

Water Maintenance: Responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repairs of the 84 miles of water mains and approximately 9,300 water services throughout the City, including all of the appurtenances and other infrastructure within the distribution system.

Water Production: Responsible for the treatment and delivery of over 3 billion gallons of potable water annually, and the daily maintenance and operation of 2 water treatment facility, 5 deep water wells, and 18 booster pumps, along with taking weekly system wide water samples to meet the State mandated water quality testing requirements.

Customer Service: Responsible for reading over 9,300 water meters on a monthly basis, replacing damaged or broken water meters, lids and boxes, repairing meter leaks, performing emergency water turn-offs/ons, performing leak detection testing and administering the City’s Cross Connection Inspection Program for over 1200 backflow device.

Sewer Maintenance: Responsible for the prevention of sewer overflows by maintaining and cleaning the 93 miles of sewer mains. This is done through high pressure water jetting and video inspection of problem areas.