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Visit this page for construction and related notices for work occurring in Monrovia.

Note that while the City strives to provide you with the most up-to-date information, construction schedules are subject to change with little or no notice for various reasons, including, but not limited to, weather conditions and unforeseen delays.

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Monrovia Renewal Related Construction

Monrovia Renewal is the largest public works project in the City's history, making citywide repairs where they are most needed to our water and sewer pipelines, water facilities, streets, sidewalks, curbs, and gutters. Visit the Monrovia Renewal page to learn more.


Station Square Park And Ride Lot - New Closure Dates: December 8 - January 25

As you may recall, the City has plans to temporarily close the Park-and-Ride lot located next to Station Square Park at the southwest corner of Myrtle Avenue / Pomona Avenue to complete required State-mandated environmental testing work on the side. Originally, this closure was expected to begin on Friday, November 30. but the heavy rains last week caused a delay.

Based on our new plans, the Park-and-Ride lot will be closed starting on Saturday, December 8, and the closure will last through January 25.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. We appreciate your patience while these necessary activities take place! Should you have any questions, please contact Public Works at (626) 932-5575.

Lot Closure

Monrovia Renewal Work - Weeks of December 10 & 17!

This week, the City's contractor is scheduled to begin road pulverizing, and concrete and hydrant repair work, at the following locations:

Pulverizing at:

  • Santa Fe Place
  • Fano Street
  • Radford Place
  • Maryanna Street
  • Pilgrim Way
  • Alamitas Avenue
  • Montana Street
  • 5th Avenue
  • Sierra Blanca Drive

Pulverizing operations include pulverization of the existing street, removal of pulverized material, and fine grade the surface for asphalt placement.

During pulverizing operations, it is important to note:

  • These activities will take place over several days.
  • The street will be turned to dirt, and vehicles will have limited access during construction. There will be intermittent delays during working hours.
  • There will be parking restrictions posted on signs; however, vehicles will be permitted to park overnight in accordance with the information on the posted signs.
  • Driveways will be accessible every night, however access may be limited during daytime work activities.

Pulverized streets may remain dirt streets for up to three weeks.

Additional Monrovia Renewal Improvements for the Week of December 10:

  • Removal and replacement of concrete curb, gutter, sidewalk, and driveway approaches on Montana Street, Alamitas Avenue and Diamond Street.

We recognize that construction can be messy and inconvenient. Thank you for your cooperation and patience as we work through these improvements! For more information about the Monrovia Renewal project, please to contact the Public Works Division at (626) 932-5575 or the Monrovia Renewal Project Team

Construction Alert

If Construction is in Your Neighborhood, Be on the Lookout for These Notices!

Notices will be distributed to residents and business owners in the area where work will take place. The contracting team will distribute notices on the following schedule, which will vary by the specific work in each location:

  • Initial Notice - All residents and businesses in the construction area to inform them of pending work.
  • Five Day Notice - Specific notices will be delivered to the impacted areas five (5) days prior to work commencing. This notice will outline the work taking place, overview the schedule, and provide information on the associated impacts, such as parking restrictions or driveway access.
  • Two Day Notice - A final notice will be provided two days before the activity begins to remind folks of the coming work and impacts.

In addition, parking restrictions will be posted in the areas where parking will be impacted.

As the work in this section progresses, we will be sure to keep you updated on any developments. As always, we thank you for your patience and understanding while we work to execute this project. Questions or concerns? Please feel free to contact the Public Works Division at (626) 932-5575 or

West Coast Arborist Has Started Grid Tree Trimming Activities, and all Trees Located North of Foothill Boulevard are Scheduled for Trimming in the Coming Months.

The City currently, deploys a citywide tree trimming program that coordinates tree trimming activity in different sections of the City throughout the course of the year. Recently, staff coordinated to have our tree trimming contractor, West Coast Arborist, begin mobilization in anticipation of our annual tree trimming work.

Based on our current schedule, the tree trimming work will be focused in the area located north of Foothill Boulevard, and work crews will be conducting tree trimming activities on all trees located within the City's parkways during the next few months. The work schedule calls for tree trimming to start on the west end of the City, and crews will progress eastward. Of course, prior to any tree trimming work, the City will have "no parking signs" posted in advance of any scheduled maintenance activity. Also, as this process unfolds, please feel free to contact the Public Works Division at (626) 932-5575, if you have any questions or concerns.


Monrovia Renewal Road Construction Activities in the South Section are Underway

Sequel Contractors have begun preparations related to the street improvement component of Monrovia Renewal in the South section.  Various improvements are planned depending on the current street condition including slurry seal, asphalt overlay activities, micro-surfacing, and complete street reconstruction.

We recognize that construction can be messy and inconvenient, and we appreciate your patience through this process!

Please see the project area map for the specific street treatments in your area. You will find further details related to the three street treatments and possible impacts below.

We will do our best to minimize the impacts on residents and business. Streets and driveways may be inaccessible for intermittent periods during the day but will be accessible every night.

1. Street Reconstruction - The following streets are scheduled to have a reconstruction improvement completed on them: 6th Avenue, Atara Street, Sierra Blanca, Kruse Street, Walker Avenue, El Norte Street, Fano Street, Radford Place, Pilgrim Way, Santa Fe Place, El Dorado Street, Rosewood Avenue, and Leafwood Drive!

  • In addition to the above streets, portions of the following streets are also scheduled to have a street reconstruction improvement completed on them:
    • Peck Road
    • Genoa Street
      • Between 5th Avenue and Encino Avenue
    • 5th Avenue
      • Between Sierra Blanca and Diamond Street
      • Between Duarte Road and Genoa Street
    • Alamitas Avenue
      • Between Montana and Diamond Street
    • Portion of Montana Street at the intersection with Monterey Street
    • Encino Avenue
      • Between Huntington Drive and Alta Stret
  • The street reconstruction involves a process where the existing roadway and subgrade will be pulverized, essentially turning the street to a dirt road. These sections will have some of the material removed and the remaining material will be graded and compacted to form the subgrade for the new street. The surface will be a hard, compacted dirt surface and it may remain in this state for approximately 1 to 2 weeks prior to be being paved.
  • During this process, there will be periods where the street will be inaccessible for up to 8 hours.
  • When the street is paved, it will receive a total of four inches of new asphalt that will be installed over two separate paving operations, taking two days.
  • Pulverizing and initial paving operations will be complete by December 18, 2018.

2. Grind and Overlay - The following streets are scheduled to have a grind and overlay improvement completed on them: Alta Street, Bonita Street, Diamond Street, Anita Street, El Norte Avenue, Monrovista Avenue, and Hurstview Avenue!

  • In addition to the above streets, portions of the following streets are also scheduled to have a grind and overlay improvement completed on them:
    • Myrtle Avenue
      • South of Duarte Road
    • Evergreen Avenue
      • Between Myrtle Avenue and Mayflower Avenue
    • Shamrock Avenue
      • Between Central Avenue and Duarte Road
    • Duarte Road
      • Between California Avenue and Mountain Avenue
    • Pomona Avenue
      • Between Myrtle Avenue and California Avenue
    • 8th Avenue
      • Between El Norte and Duarte Road
    • Genoa Street
      • Between Mayflower and Magnolia
    • Mountain Avenue
      • Between Evergreen Avenue and Duarte Road
    • El Norte Avenue
      • Between Peck Road and Santa Fe Place
    • Encino Avenue
      • North of Duarte Road
    • 5th Avenue
      • North of Sierra Blanca Drive
      • Between Genoa Street and Diamond Street
    • Montana Street
      • Between Los Robles Avenue and Monterey Street
  • A 2" grind and overlay treatment involves the removal of the upper 2" sectional of asphalt and replacing it with a new 2" asphalt cap. This treatment is utilized on streets that are structurally sound byt have deteriorated to the point where they need a new asphalt cap.
  • During this process, there will be periods where the street will be inaccessible for several hours.
  • This work is scheduled for January 2019.

3. Slurry Seal and Micro-Surfacing - Encino Way, Encino Place, Enterprise Way, Naples Street, Spanner Street, 9th Avenue and Venice Avenue.

  • Portions of Genoa Street is scheduled to receive a Micro-Surfacing treatment.
  • A slurry seal and micro-surfacing treatment is maintenance coating that is added to streets that are already in satisfactory condition. This treatment will prevent further degrading of the roadway surface, but is not intended to improve the feel or ride of the street.
  • These streets will be inaccessible for up to 8 hours during this process.
  • This work is scheduled for January / February 2019.

During these activities, there will be intermittent road closures and parking restrictions. The streets and driveways will be accessible every night; however, access might be limited during daytime work activities.

Please adhere to all posted parking restrictions.  You will receive additional notification a few days in advance of work beginning.  We appreciate your patience and support while we work to execute these improvements throughout our community! If you have any questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact Public Works at (626) 932-5575 or In addition, further project details can be found online.

Monrovia Renewal South Section Street Work


Southwest / Southwest Sections of Monrovia Renewal Getting Newly-Painted Curb Addresses

As a follow-up to the Monrovia Renewal improvements completed in the Southwest and Southeast sections of the City, house numbers needed to be re-painted on the streets where curb and gutters had been removed and replaced. These two sections had approximately 900 address needed this service and to complete this work by a contractor would have been a costly endeavor.

City staff proposed a unique solution to this taxing project. Staff proposed working with a long time partner and non-profit, Care for the Children to pay them directly to complete the work at a significantly lower rate. Care for the Children has long served our community by painting house numbers on curbs and are the subject area experts in this field. Although, typically this organization collects donations for curb painting, the City developed a plan to re-paint addresses, without solicitation or donation. This cost saving plan allowed for the replacement of curb addresses at a lower rate, while also benefiting Care for the Children.

In the coming weeks, the traditional voluntary donation curb painting program will resume, on streets where curb addresses were not impacted by Monrovia Renewal! Many thanks to the members of our City team in the Public Works Division for their assistance in developing this innovative solution.

Basement Repairs at the Historic Museum Have Begun

During the past year, staff has been assessing the situation at the Monrovia Historic Museum, which has been subject to repeated instances of flooding in the basement. Based on our assessment to date, staff has developed a multi-pronged approach to address the ongoing flooding and moisture issues at the Museum, with the planned maintenance activities set to begin on October 8, 2018. As part of our repair efforts, staff has coordinated a number of repair enhancements at the Museum, to include installation of a dry well, new hardscape, a permanent dehumidifier, and interior wall treatments at the museum. An overview of each phase of the work is outlined below:

  • Dry Well Installation
    • The installation of a new dry well is planned at the northeast section of the building.
    • Construction work should take no more than 2 - 3 days, and the work will only p,act the lawn in front of the Museum.
    • The dry well has been designed in this location to act as a collector for any water in the exterior of the building, and staff will be on site supervising the entire project.
    • The dry well installations is tentatively scheduled to take place the week of October 8, 2018.
  • Hardscape Improvements
    • As part of the enhancements, we are looking to make hardscape improvements to the landscaped area on the southwest side of the building.
    • The hardscape plan also includes creating a new concrete curb around the basement door on the northeast side of the building.
    • These hardscape improvements are tentatively scheduled to take place in late-October / early-November 2018.
  • Permanent Dehumidifier
    • Based on the issues that are occurring at the Museum, we are also looking to install a permanent dehumidifier in the basement that is properly connected to a drainage system.
    • Given the experience that we have had in the basement during the past several years, it was determined that an ongoing dehumidifier treatment system would be needed to manage the moisture.
    • This work is scheduled to take place in November 2018.
  • Interior Wall Treatment
    • The final maintenance treatment at the Museum will involve applying a new sealant to all of the walls in the basement, and then repainting the area.
    • This work is scheduled to take place in November / December 2018.

Staff developed this suite of maintenance activities after much consideration, and the proposed workplan will go a long ways towards finally resolving the ongoing moisture related issues we have been experiencing at the Museum. If you should have any questions about this plan, please call the Public Works Division at (626) 932-5575.