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Take a GoMonrovia Lyft $3.00 / Classic Lyft Ride

In an effort to flatten the curve and limit the spread of COVID-19, ridesharing apps like Lyft and Uber have temporarily disabled the shared ride option, effective March 17, 2020.  In response, GoMonrovia will be providing subsidized Classic Lyft rides at a flat fare of $3.00 as long as the pickup and drop-offs are within the coverage area. 

 If you have any questions regarding this change or about the GoMonrovia program, please email Angela Cho at

What is GoMonrovia?

In February 2018, the City Council approved a completely revamped Monrovia Transit model! The new transportation program, called GoMonrovia, leverages the strengths of the ride-share provider Lyft, in partnership with the City’s dial-a-ride operator, to provide fast and affordable transportation all throughout Monrovia.  

If you need special accommodations, our dial-a-ride service is available to serve those riders with ADA-related needs who have registered for the program. Visit the Monrovia Transit page to learn more.

For Frequently Asked Questions, skip to the bottom of the page.

Registration Required for Lyft Concierge Dispatch Service

The City is requiring advanced registration for passengers who do not own smartphones, and would like to book a ride over the telephone using the Lyft Concierge dispatch service.

How to Register

  1. Download and complete the Lyft Concierge Application, including the credit card authorization form, and return to the Community Center.
  2. Once you have been notified that your application was approved, you may call (626) 358-3538 to book a ride with Lyft over the telephone.
  3. If you have a cell phone, you will be sent text messages with the driver and vehicle information, the estimated time of arrival, and when the driver has arrived. 
  4. Charges for your rides will be charged at the end of each month, and a monthly receipt for the amount charged to your credit card will be emailed to you. 

Please note that trips may only be booked that start and end in the GoMonrovia service area. For more information, please call (626) 256-8234.

GoMonrovia Powered by Lyft

Those who live, work, and are visiting Monrovia can take advantage of our enhanced public-private transit program through Lyft to take a ride anywhere in our service area at a reduced rate! Currently, you can take a regular Lyft ride (up to 4 passengers), it is only $3.00!

How to Ride

Lyft App Icon
  • Download the app from your smart phone's app store.
  • Sign up to create your account.
    • Please note that you must be 18 years of age to have a Lyft account and to ride alone in a Lyft vehicle! Minors must be accompanied by someone 18 years or older.
  • Open the app and click on your profile in the top right-hand corner of the homepage. Click on "Promos" and enter promo code GOMONROVIA.
    • Be sure to enter the promo code before requesting a ride! Once you've begun a ride, you won't be able to apply a new promo code. 
  • On the app's homepage, set your pickup location and add your destination address.
    • Select "Lyft" (up to 4 passengers) to ride for $3.00.
    • Then click "Select Lyft."
  • Lyft will match you with a driver in the area! On average, most passengers will have a wait time of 5 minutes or less. Once the ride is booked, the app will show you the driver's name, the car's make and model, the license plate number, and show you their expected time of arrival.
  • Once the driver arrives, be sure to double-check that you're boarding the correct vehicle by verifying the vehicle's license plate number and asking the driver's name.  Many cars can look similar, especially when an area is crowded with multiple Lyft pick-ups and drop-offs after an event or at a train station.
  • Enjoy the ride! Each Lyft trip and driver will be different. Some drivers want to chat, some prefer to have a quiet ride.
  • Once you've reached your destination, you'll check-out and have the opportunity to tip your driver and rate them on a scale from 1 to 5 stars. Note that the $3.00 fare plus any tip you provide will be charged to your personal account.  


If you experience a problem with the GOMONROVIA promo code or run into other issues using the program, please contact Adriana Marin, Administrative Assistant in Public Services, at (626) 256-8234 or send her an email.

GoMonrovia Service Area

Our service area includes the City of Monrovia and Target in Duarte (a designated transfer point to Duarte Transit). We’ll also take passengers to medical appointments at physician’s offices within three miles of the City's limits, as well as the City of Hope.

Recently, LA County transportation officials notified the City that they will be opting out of the on-demand Lyft portion of our GoMonrovia transportation program.  At their meeting on Tuesday, March 19, the City Council approved a revised service area to remove the unincorporated areas of LA County adjacent to Monrovia. As we have shared previously, to account for all of the rides being generated in the unincorporated portions of the GoMonrovia service area, LA County would need to provide an additional $750,000 - $1 million / year in new funding.  Staff was informed by LA County that after consulting with Supervisor Barger, they have made the decision to only have the City provide ADA dial-a-ride services for the unincorporated areas surrounding Monrovia.

Additionally, the City of Bradbury will no longer be participating in GoMonrovia as of June 1.

Given that factor, we made service area changes to remove unincorporated LA County and Bradbury from the GoMonrovia service area.  This means that any Lyft rides that originate or end in the unincorporated LA County area or Bradbury will no longer be eligible for the GoMonrovia subsidy pricing program.

For a map of the entire service area, click into the Promos section on the Lyft app, and click "View coverage area."

Helpful Links & Safety Tips

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