Residential Trash Services

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Bulky Item Trash Pick-Up

As part of the City's partnership with Athens Services, residential customers get two (2) free bulky item trash pick-ups per calendar year.

To schedule a bulky item pick-up, contact Athens Services at (855) 557-1007 or complete the online form at Athens Services. Items should be placed next to your trash barrels the night before your normal trash collection day. 

See an abandoned bulky item around town? Report the item and you'll be entered into our monthly raffle to win a gift card! Please report it to or contact (626) 932-5553. 


Athens Services collects recyclable materials at the curbside that are placed in blue 60- or 90-gallon recycling containers.  The containers are provided by Athens at no additional cost to residents with curbside service.  Materials to be placed in the recycling container include: All paper, Cardboard, Glass jars and bottles, Plastic Containers #1-7, Aluminum, Tin, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals, Telephone Directories.

Green Materials Collection

Athens Services collects green materials at the curbside that are place in green 60- or 90-gallon green waste containers.  Up to two green materials containers are provided to residents at no additional cost.  Additional containers are provided for a small monthly charge; inquire for current rates).  Materials to be placed in the green materials container include:  grass clippings, tree trimmings, leaves, brush, branches, and other organic materials generated from landscape.  No stumps or branched exceeding 3" in diameter or 3' in length, racks, dirt, palm fronds, yucca leaves, or bamboo.

Minimize Trash - Save Money, Help the Environment!

Only the following items should be placed in the black 30-, 60- or 90-gallon trash container: non-recyclable garbage, food wastes, pet wastes, palm fronds, yucca leaves, kitty litter and anything with food residue left on it. The following items may NOT be placed in the trash container: rocks, soil, construction and demolition debris, liquid waste (cooking oil and grease), household hazardous waste, CFL's or fluorescent light bulbs, electronic waste (VCR's, cell phones, computers, microwaves, etc.), household and automobile batteries, and medical wastes (sharps, needles, and lancets).

Consider this...if you recycle, you not only help the environment, but you can also save money by downsizing from a 90 gallon container to a less expensive 30- or 60-gallon container. Going to the smaller 30- to 60-gallon container can save you money!

For questions or more information regarding residential refuse services, please contact Public Services at (626) 932-5575. Athens Services customer service call center may be reached at (888) 336-6100.

Bear Resistant Trash Barrels

Bear resistant barrels are available from Athens Services for residents who wish to prevent trash barrel from being broken into by bears. Residents who subscribe to this service will be provided one (1) black 90-gallon bear resistant barrel in lieu of a traditional trash barrel. Prior to barrel delivery, enrollees will be required to sign a 36 month program participation agreement form with Athens Services for 36 monthly payments of $4.99 per month, per barrel. This rate is in addition to the monthly service rate. Barrels will remain the property of Athens Services at all times.

In order for the barrels to receive automated service, the lid must be unlocked by the customer prior to service. Setting unlocked barrels out the morning of collection rather than the night prior will help to reduce the number of trash barrels from being broken into by bears. To have Athens Services driver unlock the barrel, rather than the homeowner, an additional $6.25 monthly fee for unlock service is available upon request.

For additional information on the Bear Resistant Barrel program or a copy of the 36-month program participation agreement form please visit Athens Services website or call 1-888-336-6100.

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