Water System

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Did you know the City owns and operates its own water utility?

We draw our water supply from multiple aquifers within the Main San Gabriel Basin beneath the San Gabriel Valley. From there, water is pumped into our wells and sent to water treatment facilities to ensure the highest water quality is achieved. A sophisticated booster system then pumps the treated water to our reservoirs, where gravity is used to deliver safe drinking water to our residents and businesses via the City’s many water pipelines. 

By The Numbers

  • The average daily demand for water is over 7 million gallons! 
  • 111 miles of water pipeline lay underneath our streets
  • 2 water treatment facilities
  • 5 active wells with a total capacity of over 10,000 gallons per minute.
  • 12 reservoirs that can hold over 25 million gallons 
  • 7 pressure zones that deliver water to different segments of the City
  • 19 booster pumps + 5 booster stations to supply water to each pressure zone
  • Monrovia Renewal is repairing nearly 11,000 feet of water pipeline, rehabilitating 1 reservoir, building 1 new well, and completing 9 other water facility projects.

Ensuring Our Water is Safe

The City tests and monitors the quality of our drinking water throughout the day all year round, in accordance with all Federal and State regulations, to ensure that our water is safe to drink. Learn more by reading our annual Water Quality Reports.

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