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Our Region is Still in a Drought! 

Learn more about the ongoing impacts of the historic drought in Monrovia.

Despite recent rains, the City of Monrovia continues to be in a serious drought condition and remains under Phase IV Water Regulations.

Find out more information about the emergency regulations currently in place as well as what you can do to help save water at the links below.

Water conservation is a community effort, and we all have an important role to play in using water wisely.

Watermaster Press Release - February 21, 2019

Despite the above-average rainfall this winter, it is critical for our region to continue to conserve water. Main San Gabriel Basin Watermaster Executive Officer, Tony Zampiello, issued a press release saying, "It is critical that residents maximize all opportunities to conserve water, even in wet years to preserve long-term, local sustainability of our water supplies”. Zampiello also said that “the simplest way to relate to the Basin is to picture a piggy bank – we have been taking from the bank for over five years and now it is time to start putting it back”. “Remembering that even though the hillsides are green today, the water stored beneath our feet is our future." You can read the full press release here.

Watermaster Press Release

New Sustainable Landscape Recognition Award Program!

Help promote water conservation by showcasing sustainable landscaping!  Through this new program, residential water customers of the City of Monrovia may enter their sustainable landscape for a chance to be recognized by the City. Applicants may also nominate a neighbor's sustainable landscape.

In addition to being recognized by the City, winners will receive a $25 credit on their water utility bill!  To enter in this program:

  • Applicants must be a City of Monrovia residential water utility customer.
  • The drought-tolerant area should be in the front yard visible from the street.
  • No more than 50% of your landscape should be turf.
  • No more than 30% of your landscape should be non-permeable, such as concrete.

Only one winner will be selected to be recognized by the City, and receive the $25 credit on their water utility bill.

Apply Now

Complete an application online or fill out and return a paper application. Be sure to submit a maximum of three photos to:

Caroline Velarde
City of Monrovia Public Services Department
600 S. Mountain Avenue
Monrovia, CA 91016

For more information about this new program, water conservation, and how you can help, please contact (626) 303-6601.

Sustainable Landscape Recognition Award

The Drought Is Not Over for Us

Watch this video showing how low rainfall in our region has led to dangerously low groundwater levels.


 Fact! We are in a drought!

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