Tree Watering

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Keep Your Trees Alive During the Drought!

Here in Monrovia, and throughout the San Gabriel Valley, we are still in a very serious drought condition. In order for trees to thrive under these conditions, while still conserving water, deep watering may be needed. Try this easy DIY technique to ensure your trees stay healthy during the drought! 

Follow these simple steps to create a deep watering do-it-yourself (DIY) system for your tree:

Supplies Needed

  • 2 -- 2'-3' segments of 3" PVC pipe
  • 2 -- 3" grates
  • 1 -- 1/2" drill
  • 1 -- shovel 

Step by Step Instructions 

  1. Drill half inch holes in a 3" wide PVC pipe. Space the holes 1-2 inches a part. You can use a wood spade bit for this project.
  2. Mark the spots where you will be burying the pipes. Typically this should be just outside the tree's root ball; about half way between the tree trunk and the edge of the canopy. 
  3. Dig a hole deep enough for the two-foot pipe. Make sure the pipe will be level with the ground and place a small grate over it. This will help eliminate accidents with lawn mowers and eliminate clogs.
  4. Bury the pipe in the ground and back fill it with dirt. Do not fill the inside of the pipe with dirt; this is where the water will go.
  5. Put a garden hose inside the PVC pipe and turn on the water. Let water run until you feel the ground is saturated.

Download the instructional flyer shown below.

Deep Watering System Flyer

Monrovia_Drought infographic